Vandersteen 2C versus 2CI, 2CE, etc.

Tried searching the archives but didn't see exactly this question answered. I might be able to get a pair of Vandersteen 2C speakers for less than half of 2CE. I'd like to know if it's really worth it, though. I was able to find some specs for 2C and 2CE but I don't see any major differences from just that. I'm saving up for a more expensive pair of speakers but thought this might hold me over in the meantime. :) Thanks!
If they are in good working condition and you expect to use them as an interim I'd say go for it. Be careful though as the Vandersteen sound is seductively smooth. You can always move up to the newer version when ready.
The sonic differences between Vandersteen Model 2 speakers from one generation to the next are significant. It takes Vandersteen many years to accrue enough improvements to warrant a new model. As for whether a pair of 2CE's is "worth" twice as much as a pair of older 2C's; that is in the eye of the beholder.

For me, there is enough sonic difference between the two that I would have no interest in the much older 2C at any price.

You'll probably find that a new pair of 1C's are better sounding, overall, than an old pair 2C's.
Thank you for the responses! I think I'm going to look a little harder and try to get a pair of 2CE's instead. I may be very pleased with their sound in the long run anyway.
I know it's an old post but here is my 2 cents worth. I am an owner of both a pair of Vandersteen 2C and Vandersteen 2CE Sig (A version). Both are very very good speakers and I have A/B them a couple times. I would have never believed it until I set them side by side using the same equipment, but personally I prefer the 2C over the 2CE Sig models. To me the earlier version is brighter sounding more like Thiel or Hales and the later version is more veiled sounding similar to Gershman Acoustics.
Hello, I just asked this in another thread but...

Anybody know what upgrades were made with the 2ci and 2ce? I have read both Stereophile reviews and for the 2ci review it says that the midrange was upgraded but it does mention a tweeter upgrade. I remember reading somewhere that the 2ci is the model that Rich changed to a (3/4"?) metallic tweeter from the textile tweeter of the 2c. According to the 2ce review he switched from a 3/4" tweeter to a 1" tweeter after the first batch. So if that first batch had the same tweeter than what was changed from the 2ci????

Anybody prefer the textile dome tweeter over the metallic ones? I always thought that cloth was preferred over metal. This is my main concern.

I currently own the old 2c's and love them, but I'm considering an upgrade to a later model. The only other model I tried with my own system/room is the 2CE sig II's. All things considered I preferred my 2C's!

Thanks for any info.
I will chime in;

over the last 20 years, I have auditioned this series w/ both tubed and solid-state gear. Very consistent sound from these speakers.

If the OP is going for a vintage system, then the original 2C is fine. For a modern/contemporary system then the latest version is warranted because current electronic gear has come along way (better). As always cables/cords must be considered as well.

Happy Listening!
Even within a version, the components and sonics can change. See the 2CE Stereophile review, page 2:

The 2CE (I think I may have had the early version!)goes pretty low and in my small room it overloaded the room with bass. Dynamics were just okay...don't expect horn/PA speaker dynamics...although this is true with most speakers. I think they will go loud enough for most users and provide a balanced sound when used in a big room, albeit a bit lacking in transparency and detail. Not a bad thing with some music.