Vac 70/70 Vs hurricanes

im sure someone knows the major performance diffrences between these 2 designs. 300B push pull vs Kt88 pushpull.
I have the hurricanes now looking at the canary 339's 4X300B mono block Class A push pull. I have Very large Schweikerts at 96 db at 4 ohms. I listen from Millawatts to full rated power at times.
The Hurricanes are not in the same league as the VACs or Canaries. I have listened extensively to all three amps in several systems that I know very well and between the three I would chose the Canaries. Indeed, I have two friends who have gone from Hurricanes, to VAC 70/70 or 30/70 and, finally, to the Canaries. I would only use the ASLs in a system that required lots of power and I can't see why that would be an issue for you.
I agree with Terry. I would also suggest the smaller Canary 309? (one 300B pair per channel) sounds better than the 339. I found the 339 veiled compared the Hurricanes, and slower in the bass. That being said a good Hurricanes, ie without noise issues, is hard to beat. Having power reserves available makes a difference on big orchestral pieces and general ease. YMMV.