Recommended tubes for ASL Hurricanes?

Does anybody have any input on using different tubes in the ASL Hurricanes?
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Hi...I have the origional Hurricanes. The only tubes I changed were the 6SN7's. I wrote a review about the amps and here is what I said about the 6SN7's. I have not (as yet) changed the KT88's except to replace bad tubes.

However, I believe the biggest fixes that occurred and solved most of the sensitivity/coolness problems I was hearing were two things.

1. I replaced the ASL supplied 6SN7 tubes with NOS Sylvania's from Andy's Vintage Tube Service.

The change in tubes was noticed immediately and continues to improve with use.

2. The KT 88's NEED TO BURN IN!!

I hope this helps!
SEARCH, Keith, Search; you'll learn lots.

Briefly, I've found the (expensive) Tung-Sol RoundPlates to be the best 'N7, with the 'Canes' 1st (middle) tube highly sensitive to tube microfonics. Ken-Rads are a great-sounding and less-expensive alternative.

I've been using the Penta/Shuguang KT88SCs; they sound great and are more reliable than the ValveArt '88s.
The very expensive EAT (EuroAudioTeam)KT-88's will turn an excellent amp into a super-amp. Even with re-tubing all 16 you can't find a better high power tube amp at anywhere near that price. I use them in mine. Even a couple of them in each mono block to start will improve things over the stock tube- once you start you won't want to stop until you replace all 16. Alan
I second the EAT KT-88 recommendation. They rock..
Tony, Thank you for you input. I am going to try the EAT's. I'm also going to replace the 6SN7's as recommended by Rwd and Jeff. I'm not sure if I'll go with the Tung Sol or the less $ Ken-Rads. I'll do some price shopping. Knowing me, I'll probably go with the more expensive ones. But, I don't know. I've got to continue to educate myself, as I am new to tubes. New - and loving it! Lots to learn and experiment with. I'm even considering having the amps "Extreme'd" by ? - Who is that that does the Extreme mod? Great Northern? Does anyone have any input on the "Extreme" modifications?
Rwd, Jeff and Scaena - I had written a thank you to you all previously, but I guess it never posted! At any rate, I thank you all for taking the time to share your knowledge with me. are welcomed. What did you finally decide on?
Rick (RWD)