PMC IB2i adequately powered with ASL Hurricanes

Hi all,

I need to tap into "the knowledge"... I am looking at buying a pair of PMC IB2i's. The amplifier I intend to use is Antique Sound Labs Hurricane DT MKII monoblocks. Is it going to have synergy, or does the big PMC need stout solid state?

I ask, because I have a pair of FB1i's and they run fine on tubes.
Great speakers. I've had mine for three years and continue to love them. They do everything well, and with wonderful coherency, but they will not hide faults in the rest of your system.

I haven't tried tube amps with my IB2i (other than plugging my Manley Stingray II into them for grins), and I have no experience with the ASL amps you mention, so I can only answer your question in part. IME, the more high-quality power the better with these amps. I've listened with a Reference Line Silver Signature (200 w pure class A into 4 ohms), Mac MC501, Magtech, a high-watt class D amp, and Bryston 28B-SST2 monos, my current amps. The Brystons are BY FAR the best match I've heard. All the others sounded good to excellent, and even the 40 watt Manley did surprisingly well, but the 28B was in a class by itself, especially at low volumes. The bass energy is nonpareil, as are layering and soundstage realism, compared to the others I've tried.

This is not to say the 200 watt ASLs won't sound even better--I'd like to find out, and I've been considering VAC 300.1 monos, which have a similar tube complement, just to taste big tube power with the IB2i. I should add that I front my amps with a VAC Phi Beta pre-amp and Allnic 3000 phono, listening almost exclusively to vinyl, so I do have tube character in my chain.

A couple of tips if you decide to go with the IB2i. They sound much better tri-wired and on 16-inch custom Sound Anchor stands.

Good luck!