Can ASL Hurricanes drive Legacy Focus 20/20?

The legacy focus can dip down to 2 ohms, but has 95-96db sensitivity (according to the review in Stereophile). Their technical notes recommend solid state for this reason. Does anyone have experience with this combination (or any tube amp with the Focus 20/20)?
Yes, the Legacy's are quite efficient but they will get better and better with quality equipment. My friend has a pair and they are awesome.
Good listening,
I would NOT use any Legacy speaker with a tube amp if you are going to turn it up and rock hard.

Clip city.
Thanks much. I am now leaning towards the Coincident Total Victory as the best match with tube amps (possibly low powered).
hey even though i havent yet hooked up my focus to my
asl hurricanes they drive my whispers alot louder than i
like in the triode position half thier power cappacity
with great controlled base