V-Ray v.2 or Running Springs Jaco or Audience

Anyone tested the following units?
Shunyata V-Ray version 2
Running Springs Audio Jaco
Audience AR6 (non T)
I did compare (in my system) RSA Jaco latest and latest Audiece AR6-TS with au24 powrchord. With Jaco, my System sounded more open and more extended. Both did not limit dynamics so. May be audience AR6 can be improved if used with another power cord, but you neeed to utilize that nuetrik connector or you stock with audience cords only.
I sold audience and kept Jaco with no intentions to change it.
I will chime in herre;

The V-Ray is outstanding for HT applications.
The RSA Dimitri should be considered.
The Audience w/ Teflon (T) upgrade will be your best choice.
Power conditioning is so system dependent. Try to find ways to audition if at all possible. Cable Company has a lending library, tho not sure if it includes power conditioners. And Music Direct has a great return policy, as does Tweak Geek. If there is no place local that has these brands.
I agree with Roscoeiii 100%...
That's what I like to hear.
I've learned from experience and many trials
If you can afford the DMITRI I highly recommend it. Made a HUGE impact on my system even with a dedicated 20 amp line. Nothing negative, I found shunyata stole some boogie from the music. I haven't heard Audience stuff
The Dmitri has always been highly regarded.
If you only need 4 outlets the Running Springs Maxim is a good alternative to the Dmitri (which has 6 outlets).

I'd like to upgrade the cord from my Maxim to the wall from the Cardas OEM it came with to the HZ Crown Jewel, but they come up rarely for sale on AudiogoN.