Best Integrated Amp to Pair with Audience "The ONE"

Hi there,

So I've just acquired a pair of Audience "The ONE" bookshelf speakers.

My setup is simple and my space is small; I play mostly classical, rock, country and jazz from a desktop system. And I am currently driving the speakers with the PS Sprout. My previous speakers (Elac B6s) were a lot more musical...and while the "ONEs" are clearly more detailed I do feel like they're also less rich.

Would another desktop integrated amp perform better? A Peachtree, perhaps? I should say that I'm looking to spend under $1k and that the footprint should be small.

It's also possible that this is just what these speakers sound like and no integrated amp will "solve" the problem. 

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I realize this thread is old, but thought to add from my recent experience...

I have a pair of The Ones and have used a Quad Vena and Nuprime IDA-16. Sources have been Bluetooth from Amazon Echo and a CD transport going into the digital coax on both the Vena and IDA-16.

The Bluetooth connection sounds bad - low-fi, no bass. It’s just plain bad and these speakers do NOT help - they actually make it WORSE (ie, very revealing, as some might say).

CD player sounds great - speakers are punchy and play loud - HOWEVER, they are acoustic suspension and TINY, and, although they do play deep (with a decent front end, mind you), they do not come across as "rich" like a ported speaker could. But these speakers can disappear like no other $1,000 speakers I’ve owned or heard.

To me, these speakers are super-accurate and excel in the mids and highs; they have a wide sweet-spot and they are smooth and fast. They absolutely benefit from better gear up-stream.