Using US plug power cables in 220V Shuko areas

I apologize in advance if this topic has already been covered, but I wasn't sure.

I live in South Korea and we use 220V electricity here with Shuko outlets. I was wondering if it is possible and effective to use power cables produced for the US market with US plugs along with 220V Shuko adapters over here. Are there disadvantages in doing so? I currently use the adapters with the stock cords for my equipment; both were purchased from 240V locales through the audiogon. I've had no problems with these but it's commonly understood that 220 and 240V machines are interchangeable. The reason I ask this question is because any number of US plug power cords are available for sale used on the Audiogon for reasonable prices. However, locally I cannot really buy used power cables. I'm naturally interested in saving money but also in maintaining sonic integrity. Do you think that using US cables with Shuko adapters would cause a reduction in sonics, or do you think there might be any electrical dangers in doing so? Thanks in advance for your responses to this query.
I wouldn't use any adapters. If your setup allows, get a US type power conditioner, plug it in to the Shuko wall receptacle with a decent cable with a Shuko plug and then use your better US type power cords with the power conditioner.

Or just change the Shuko style wall outlets with US type.

I suggest that you do not use individual adapters for each cord. Either re-terminate with quality plugs that fit for your country (can still be cheaper than buying new vs used), or get a US extension cord with the number of sockets you need, then just change the main plug to suit your wall socket. I am doing the same, we have Schuko 220 V here in Germany, but I use a audiomagic stealth power conditioner with the right voltage but US style sockets. I only put a German power cord in front from wall to the audiomagic stealth unit. From there I use all US power cords with their original plugs.

I have tried using travel adapter plugs before and it is clearly degrading the sound and ruins what you might gain from the cables in my experience. Changing the power plugs is easier than re-terminating the interconnects usually because the wires are fixed with screws in most plugs. Just make sure you know what you are doing, if not ask someone to do it for you.


Just change your outlet to US duplex (I use furutech...) or a US duplex with a us power distributor. The cost of changing just an outlet is small. And also you can test your amp in the one receptacle and the other the power distributor or conditioner (because of the duplex).
I second Kops.
Thanks a lot for all the tips here. Just a couple of addenda: I live on the second floor of an old house--it's a converted apartment. I don't have access to the breakers and I hesitate to take apart these rather old wall outlets to insert a US made one. And i'm not really sure how to do that anyway. I'm pretty much a flunky when it comes to electricity. Instead I'm leaning toward the first two options rather than trying to replace a wall outlet. If I buy one good quality power cable with Shuko plugs to put into a power conditioner with US inserts, that would probably be the best trick. Now the question is which power conditioner would be best to purchase and where? I'm guessing I need a power conditioner that can easily convert to 220/240. Thanks for the recommendation on the Audio Magic. Just in case I can't find one of those used, do you have any other recommendations? I really know very little about power and power conditioners, so I would appreciate any recommendations on this score. Thanks very much for all of these helpful replies.
Well, you can just get an extension bar instead of a power conditioner. Take a look at:

for an example. This would allow you to use a good cable that fits your country wall socket and then US style power cables from the juice bar to your audio devices.