Turntable Upgrade: What Sonic areas will improve?

Ok I would consider myself an audiophile beginner. I really want to upgrade my turntable. Currently using a used project 2 table with a grado black cart (70 dollar cart).

I am looking for a bigger soundstage, better layering and texture. I prefer musical presentations on the slightly warm side to etched high resolution presentations.

Thinking used rega or VPI or a new rega p3/VPI traveler. Have no idea what cart to get. Will this upgrade make the improvements I am looking for and what carts should I be looking at (300 range) Thanks in advanced.

Associated equipment
Exposure 17 preamp/phono
Exposure 18 mono amps
Exposure speaker cable
Speakers System Audio Mantra 10
Source project 2 grado cart
Love your Exposure gear...great choice. Know nothing about your speakers...have never even heard of the brand. I think a Rega 3,or 6,with Rega or Dyna cart, would compliment your system beautifully.
Looking at what you have now, and what you are considering upgrading to, you should get better sound quality in every area. A nice option would be a VPI turntable and a DV 10x5. Its a high output MC, so it will work very well on your phono pre's MM setting. I'm not too familiar with the Traveler, but I do have a Scout. The Scout's very nice because is sounds excellent stock, but has tons of upgrades available. It may cost a little more now, but you'll save money overall.
Spend more, relatively speaking, on the cartridge than the table. Rega, VPI, Sota, Pro-Ject, they're all good. Pick one that has the features you like. On cartridges, I'm a big fan of Dynavector and Ortofon. I find they offer a superior value and really bring out the best of what vinyl has to offer.

Another way you could consider going is to simply mount a better arm and cartridge to the Pro-Ject you have. There are lots of good second-hand arms available here for fair money and you can then use what you save to get into moving coil - a very big step up from what you have.

You will also want to set aside some $$$ for a good set-up protractor (Pro-Ject happens to make a nice one that's also inexpensive), VTF scale and set-up test record. The best table in the world will sound like crap if the cart isn't aligned properly. It's a fussy, delicate and time-consuming job but oh-so worth it. Lots of forums here on the how-to end of things.

Good luck & happy listening.
You should check out a used VPI HW-19 for the warmer sound you are looking for. BTW: I see a nice HW-19 Jr.with an AudioQuest arm and a Grado Platinum cartridge on Ebay for $595. I don't think you would go wrong with that setup.
Wow I think this is the best response to any of my audiogon post. Thank You.

OK then if an upgrade will help improve the things I am most interested in seems like the right move. I really don't want to go the new arm for table route. Still to new to this to start drilling arm holes plus just don't want the hassel. I also may pay someone to install the cart.

Yes the VPI 19 looks exactly what I am looking for but the seller does not want to Ship. I Originally wanted this table but the used prices seem to be a lot higher now then a couple of years ago. That is why I was looking at the traveler. I like project but want either an upgrade path or better build quality or both like VPI provides. All the reasonable deals I see are local sale only.

Yes I love the exposure and listening to some other gear Audio Research, Rouge, and top of the line Maranz has taught me it will cost a small fortune to finding something that crushes my exposure IMO.
"I also may pay someone to install the cart."

Whatever upgrades you decide to go with, you need to set the TT up yourself. Its not that hard, and its just not the type of thing you would want someone else to do for you. Once you do it, you'll see what I'm talking about.
Another option is SOTA. They make nice tables with arm included (REGA). Check out the Moonbeam or Comet.
Thanks for the advice. I always wanted to learn how to set up a TT. I have watched Traveler setup videos on you tube. I guess I should jump in and do it myself.

I just need the right VPI table to come up. I Really want to spend 1300 on cart and table.
Before I forget, check this link out. http://brooksberdanltd.com/turntable-setup-by-richard-hardesty

I just found it for someone else yesterday. Its a really good overview on TT setup. The format is an interview with one of the best TT setup individuals in high end. Some very valuable info.
Thanks for the link

The owner of the HW-19 Jr. Will ship if I pay for shipping and professional packaging. Plus he wants me to take full responsibility for damaging shipping.

I am thinking the shipping was already going to be at my expense for me. I would have piece of mind knowing it was shipped well. As far as responsibility Insurance could take care of that especially if ups packed themselves.

The only reason I am considering it because it has a new 350 cart on it and it's the table I had my eye on. Well below budget but I don't know anything about the arm. I figure when all done about $800 dollar deal.

Any opinions on if this would end up being a good deal?
IMO, you should buy the Music Hall 7.1 Underwoodwally has up for sale for $1100. Nice table, nice arm/cartridge, dust cover, dealer support and if it comes smashed, you won't be responsible. It's a hell of a lot better than what you had and you'll get some good play out of it. In a few years, when you know more about analog, you can move up to something really good.
Go for the Rega RP40 currently selling in Agon for $975.00 and look no further. You will be hard pressed to find a better TT combo at this price. It's been on the market for quite a long time. You may get it for $900.00 including s/h.

Custom matched TT-PSU
Exclusive Red Silicon drive belt and Red Mat
Exclusive Elys40 MM cartridge
Stainless steel balance weight
Aluminium foot trims and matching top brace
Custom Titanium Plinth

Nothing comes close to this TT at the asking price, nothing!