Usher: Dancer vs 6 vs X series

Have any of you had a chance to compare the sounds of the Usher series: Dancer, "6", or "X". I'm curious if there are patterns, different sonic signature to the different series.

For example it looks like the X718 sells used for well under half the price of the BE718 "Tiny Dancer". I know the latter has some kind of great tweeter. Bottom line though, are they worlds apart?

I own Usher S520 and enjoy it a LOT in a bedroom, although it is substantially less detailed in the treble than other more expensive speakers that I own.

Wondering about Usher for my main high end system. Would I be happy with X series? 6? Need to go with "Dancer"?

Detail in treble is not always a blessing :)

There is a world of difference between the Usher series speakers. I've owned the X series in the past. They sound pretty good, but are not as detailed in the mid's and high's.

I now own 4 BE 718's and the new BE center channel. The BE series is balanced from top to bottom, great highs, sweet mid's and good low end punch from a monitor. You can pick up the 718's for around $1,600 - 2,000 pair.

Read the huge amount of reviews on these speakers. Keep in mind it is not just the tweeter and woofer that make the speaker.

The BE 718's have enhanced crossovers, capacitors, tweeters, enclosure design, finish. All of these factors make them better than the X series speakers.

Hope this helps.
Interesting, thanks Todd.