B&W Matrix 802 series 2 vs series 3 vs ATC SCM40

Guys please help me decide between these fine speakers. I pretty much narrowed it down to the speakers mentioned above but if you know the one with as much or more authority and slam please let me know.
Series 3...Considerably better from what I heard///Had both.....If I remmember correctly the Series 3 had the IPOC system removed and was a cleaner more refined sound..The 3 also had better bass attack...Going from memory here..
Series 2 more bass. Series 3 more refined bass better attack. ATC SCM40 least bass of the three but most attack or in your face. They are all good choices.
matrix 3
You've heard B&W Matrix 802's? IMO, if you want "authority and slam" look elsewhere. Also, no matter what powerful SS amp(s) you use, you'll never get tight, well defined bass, at least with the S3's.

What they do well is classical orchestral music, where they have that "big British sound". Also they're old now, & drivers & x-overs can/do fail. Schlepping them for repair is not fun, nor cheap.

Just my 2 cents......
Do all series 2 have the IPOC circuit installed? I just came across a pair that doesn't have the leds on the front bottom.
I am not totally positive but I think both the Matrix 801 and 802 series 2 both had the IPOC circuitry..From what I can remember the biggest improvement ( in stock form ) in the Series 3 came from the removal of the IPOC circuit..I think they removed the IPOC in the Anniversary Edition which was in between the Series 2 and 3....
B&W also may have made a change in the bass drivers in the Series 3 802.. Check with B&W for the IPOC info to find out for sure.......You may also find out that most Matrix 801 and 802 owners thought the B&W bass alignment filter was garbage..I tried it once and removed it and found they sounded much better without the B&W filter..( my taste anyways ) ....
They 'slam' if its on the recording, and don't when its not. The series 2 has a little more 'bloom' in the upper bass, but its a classic as well.
Hmm - there's a lot of hammering in the above about the 802 S2 with feeble bass & the Bass-alignment filter being rubbish. I've had the 802 S2 for 18 yrs now & in the last 2 years, I did a lot of work related to the B&W Bass-alignment filter incl comparisons with the Krell-made one.

I've now used the same circuit topology that B&W used for their Bass-alignment filter BUT using only the finest MIL-Spec parts, incl the finest Vishay Bulk-Foil resistors and also actively buffering the filter's inputs & outputs. The power-supplies were also heavily beefed-up by a scale of 20 times and the speakers were put to test.

OMG!! what a damn transformation! Not only does it now do low bass, it does it with a class of its own while the mids & the upper bandwidth remains clean, clear & untouched.

The legendary man who passed away designing them - Late John Bowers knew himself very well what he designed indeed! In short, almost 2 decades later, these speakers have no peers - if you have the right ancillary gear for them and if the listener is a matured, sensible fella! Its not loud heart-beating speaker BUT a super smooth one spanning the freq from subwoofer terrain to the extreme upper high that their ferro-fluid counterparts in the latter series can only dream off!

Voila! The Matrix 801 & 802 - Series 2 !!
This is an old thread by now. Did you get the speakers of your choice. I can say I have the Matrix802s3 and very happy I rebuilt the Xovers . Bass and slam is there with a very deep and wide soundstage. use SS amp and Tube pre. very exciting sound never happier. Sounds better than 85% of the systems at AXPONA last month.
My 802 series 1 bass alignment filter went tits-up last year. I had previously replaced a handful of resistors and electrolytics but heat ultimately cooked the board. I can no longer read the op amp part numbers, and don't have a schematic.

I always loved the sound of the 802 S1's on classic prog rock and traditional/bebop jazz. Driven with a good vinyl front end and Aragon 4004MK2, plenty of slam when called upon.

I liked the bass better with the filter installed; I miss it. I am an electronics engineer and am quite willing to build my own. Any information would be very welcome. The approach taken by Arupg sounds like right up my alley. pdbrooks0@gmail.com