Technics 1200 Series OUTER RING?

We have had literally 100'S of requests over the last 3 years to manufacture an outer ring for the Technics 1200 Series Direct Drive. We have a new customer who has made some modifications to his turntable to clear the power switch and also modified the setting tool to clear the post.

Expect a 25 to 50% reduction in record noise and distortion, we have over 3000 customer worldwide using our outer record clamp.

Hi Larry

I'm interested in the outer ring clamp for my Technics 1200 Mk2 but am curious about the modifications required to accommodate the outer ring. Can a novice who isn't much of DIYer able to perform the modifications so the outer ring can fit? From the picture you posted it looks like I have to cut the power switch to make the ring fit. Also from looking on another forum some years ago TTW had an outer ring for the Technics 1200. How does this newer ring compare to the older ring?

Can you post more videos showing this outer ring with a Technics 1200? Your current videos demonstrate the effectiveness if the outer ring on your more high end tables but I'd love to see the actual ring in use with the Technics.

Please support us and we will make them !!We will never recommend the modifications .. period.
Nothing better than using the forums for financial gain.
To TTWeights,

Some additional questions.

Have you tested this ring with a Technics 1200 that has the KAB fluid damper installed? Can the periphery ring you are trying to get funding for work with the KAB Fluid damping system already installed on their Technics 1200?

Please advise. Thanks. I find it weird that one can only comment or ask questions on the kickstarter campaign until you've put money down.
As blatant self promotion as it gets.
At least they are also paying for A'gon listings to promote the outer ring too. I have no problem the posting here in the forum. The lack of responses unless you put down money to the campaign is becoming a problem to me.
The forums are no place for advertising. Audiogon has a classified section for that expressed purpose.
The ring is used on many Technics 1200 tables - some guys do the mods and the ring has been tested extensively on the 1200.

The system is not designed for the KAB fluid damping system will interfere with the setting tool.

That is how kickstarter works, we have to secure enough orders to make the tooling cost feasible, if we have enough on order we can produce the custom tooling.

We are doing this for the many people who have asked, the truth not really interested in making them just trying to help some people out.
And shamelessly using the forums for financial gain.
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Funny, the Audio industry is at a low point and no one is making money you all think we are rich LOL !!

For the record, we will not make 1200 series rings, the tooling cost is too high and the kickstarter was not a success.

A shame, but it will never happen now BUT many thanks to all who did pledge the 5k ..cheers
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