Used Pre-amp with HT pass-thru

Are there any good used 2-channel preamps with home theater pass-thru for under $1000?

I would like to upgrade my pre-amp section but still need my pre/pro for HT decoding. I know alot of new pre-amps have this feature but I was hoping to find something used.
I chose a VTL 2.5, which can be had for around $750 here.(sometimes less). It has HT pass through, which I run my pre/processor through. Works well and is an excellent pre-amp at this price.
You could also try a passive preamp -- for HT, just turn the volume on the passive to the maximum, and it's effectively out of the loop. And those can be had new for WAYYY under $1000 . . . .
It will be slightly over $1K used, but check out the Conrad Johnson PFR.
It'll be a bit over $1K, but a used Krell KRC-3 is an excellent choice.
Adcom 750 - active and passive with HT bypass and remote.
Sonic Frontiers Line 1 has all you need plus it has tubes which add their unique twist to your music (very nice). Good remote and built like a tank all for around $1k or less.
I second Comsmic void's suggestion about a tube preamp. I have a the Audio Research LS 16 as part of my HT set up and love what it does for my stereo music listening. A used LS 16 is in the $1,500-range but I'm sure other Audiogon'ers can recommend more tube preamps w/pass through for your consideration.
i love my Sonic Frontiers Line1.
I used the BAT VK-3i for a short period of time. It has a "unity gain" stage which effectively nulls the effect of the volume control. EXCELLENT sonics for music, and performed very well for HT as well. These can be had for $1000- $1300 here and on other classified sites. Just keep in mind that you're adding more interconnects to what should be a minimal circuit.
I'll third the recommendation for the Sonic Frontiers Line 1. It's a fantastic preamp and for the prices you can pick one up for, it's almost a steal for all that you get.

Good luck! Mike.
FT Audio LW-1 Passive

That is what I bought in order to work around that dilemma.

I wish AC-3 SS processors were more affordable.