Technodec w/Michell moded RB250, Used P25, P5?

The question is self explanatory. Deal for a P25 fell through (not my fault), so the question is opened up again. I care about PRAT, accuracy (musicality), ease of use, reliability.

Anybody compared these decks? Is the P5 significantly better sounding than the P25?

Techno and P5 represent the upper bound on my resources. Anything I'm I'd be foolish not to consider?

I've listened to a P25 and a P5 on the same system: ProAc D25s, with Ayre V-5 amp and K-5 pre-amp. The main difference to me was the P5 had more weight in the bass. The P5 was a little more rhythmic, marginally more extended treble. Both models are extremely reliable and easy to use. I bought the P25 as a demo, and with the savings haven't thought twice about it.

Best wishes,
The arm will definately be much better on the Tecnodec. I just recently purchased the Tecnodec and put my older but upgraded RB300 arm on it. It was definately a considerable step up from the P3.

I heard the P25 a while back and remember it was not much better than the P3, so I would definatly not go that route.

I have no experience with the P5 other than I saw it at a dealer and think it it quite possibly the ugliest, cheapest thing I have ever laid eyes on. Just my opinion.

Have you looked at the VPI Scout or Nottingham Horizan at all? (simular price range)

Good luck and let us know what you choose,
There's a horizon on Audiogon at the moment with an RB300. Supposed to be a very good deck.
I would urge you to consider a Scheu Cello. This is a very modestly priced belt drive table that uses the same bearing and motor as their much more expensive Premier II (world class table) and can be ordered with either a RB250 or Scheu arms fitted from the factory.

A Cello with no arm is less than 1000 US; with the RB250 around 1200. Order direct from Scheu at:

They will send you a current price list in Euros if you ask nicely!
Scheu looks interesting. But what's the basis of your recommendation, Carl? I assume you've heard it. How does it sound, as compared with the others?