used amp for Alon Lotus SE tube, or SS ?

I have a pair of Alon Lotus's - designed to be driven by SETs or low power tubes. But... at the moment I'm driving them with an Sansui 7070 beast (and they sound pretty good). I'd like to spend ~ 500 for a used amp upgrade.

The only tube systems I've heard have have been in 10K plus systems, so I don't know if I'll be satisfied with my budget.

Normally I prefer a fairly dry British sound (Cambridge Audio). However, I'm worried about overly dry bass given the Alon's have 14 ohm 8" woofers.

Linn and Rega's seem to come up in this range a lot, but if there's something on the gon you like at the moment, or you think I should wait for, let me know. Thanks.

I have the same amp as you and enjoy it in a second system. For your budget I would look for a Consonance or Jolida used tube integrated. The bass on the Onkyo can not be had for your budget but you will be getting more three dimensionality from a tubed amp. Let us know what you end up with and how it works out. Phil Brady.