Alon V vs. Alon Lotus Elite Signature/Viper ref

Has anyone ever heard/compared the V's and the Lotus Elite Sig's? Also am I correct in stating that the Signatures and the Viper reference's are the same speaker?

Are the Sigs a big improvement, or are they and the V's very close in performance?

I'm, a former Alon V MK II, with Circe upgrades, owner. This was pricey. My room was a near perfect match for this speaker. I was sure I was set for good, until I heard the Viper Reference II. I didn't feel the same about the Lotus Elite Sigs even though they had some pluses. The Viper Refs are a big leap up, a different level altogether. So no, the Vipers and Lotus' are not the same speaker at all, in sound or construction.
Thanks. So does that mean there is a big jump in performance between the Viii's and the Lotus Sigs as well/ Reason I ask is I have always liked the Alon sound, from the II's to the IV's, but never heard the V's, and there happen to be V's and Signatures on sale here on Agon. Trying to decide.
This is in comment to the Viper Reference II loudspeakers compared to the Alon V Mk II with the Circe Upgrades. I also have the Alon V Mk II with Circe upgrades. My friend has the Nola Viper Reference II loudspeakers.

The best sounding speaker that I have ever heard was the Alon V Mk II (External Crossovers) with rhe Viper Reference II crossovers. Unbelieveable....Guess What I did from there!