Alon Lotus Elite Sig's

Does anyone own these speakers? What do you think?
Hey Saxman,I own the 2000 model elite sigs,I absolutely love these speakers,my audiofile friends really enjoy them too.One thing that is important is the room your using them in,since they are dipoles they need room from rear,side walls.These are very natural sounding with quality bass(not subsonic)excellent mids and highs,transparent,life like,nice soundstage.I did have a chance to briefly audition the new sigs,they were being driven by I believe antique....with 1009 tubes,can't remember full name......they were in the same vein as mine except the musician were very etched with lots of air...for me personally,they were a little to etched,but they may have been the amp or preamp used,I am using AR vt100 2,audible illusions M3A pre.....hope this helps,e mail me if you need more info...there is a review I believe in positive feedback...go to acarian/alon website I believe the review can be gotten their also....Bill
I auditioned the Alons side-by-side with a pair of Maggie 3.6's. I kept turning the volume down on the Alons because they attacked my ears. I don't think I could listen to the Alons for anything more than a half hour at normal listening volume without becoming significantly fatiqued.