Alon Lotus Elite Signature vs. Magnepan 20.1

Forgive my ignorance, but which speaker would best be utilized in a 12 x 17.5 ft x 7.5 room? I have heard arguments for both. The Alon being voiced for smaller rooms but the Maggies dispersion pattern making ceiling height less of an issue. Any feedback?
That room is a little bit on the small side for 20.1's. It would sound good but you would never be able to fully experience what the speakers are capable of. I suspect that size room may be a little bit small for even a pair of 3.6's.
Agree w/Tireguy, but feel even stronger about it. If you want Maggies in a room that size, I'd size the 3.6 would also be too big, and would recommend the 1.6.
At 29" wide the most likely way to get the 20.1 to work is to put them on the long wall, edges about 3 ft. from side walls, leaving a sweet spot about 6 ft. from inside edge-to-edge. Not terrible, but far from ideal. The backs would also need about 4 ft from front wall, leaving you very nearfield, or pushed against rear wall. That would imply treatments on the back wall, in most rooms. Not to say this couldn't work for you, but certainly food for thought...
Cheers, Spencer
your room is small... the alons would work.

the maggies might be a little to big.

would suggest looking at the audio physic virgo ( designed for rooms like this and near field listening)

i recently pu a pair of audio physic libra's and am amazed at how the speaker disappears like a maggie and does some things better.

good luck,