Urgently need your input.

After what seemed like days of research I ordered the Onkyo HT-RC270 and received it 12 22 11. Thinking was that this would do everything I needed. Do not plan to hook it up for several days but after reading most of this thread


am concerned about the risk.
Long story short it seems that Onkyo had a Quality Control problem with this receiver and many others (C270, NR708,NR808, NR1008, NR5008, Integra 80.2 ) The problem is that many stop responding to commands from remote and the front panel. Apparently the only solution is to send in for service. This problem does not necessarily occur quickly. Many report problems after a year or more of no problems.

In order to install this unit I have to do a considerable amount of labor due to my cabinet.

Should I
1 Just send it back to Amazon?
2 Call Onkyo and see what they can tell me based on serial no.?
3 Just set it up and see what happens.

At this moment I am leaning toward returning the unit.

I use seperate amps (Bryston 3B-ST front, Harman Kardon surrounds and zone 2)

Looking for a ht receiver with at least:

4 hdmi 1.3 in and 1 or 2 out
Audyssey EQ
5.1 analogue in
analogue in for all inputs

What would be a comparable unit that has a good track record but stays within a budget under $600?
Your advise appreciated.
I'd try #2 first... (however, I hope they consider Amazon (or if there was an actual subseller) an authorized dealer... If not they might but your chops...now or later...
Tough risk vs reward call.

There's this thread in which KR4 and others recommend an Integra, but I also noticed that an Integra was included in the avs forum problem list.


I agree with MI, try #2 first. Onkyo is an established, high-volume company and this model is still for sale. So the odds may be in your favor since you likely have a later production run.

Then if you're handy with this and can do so without leaving any marks, I would be inclined to pop the cover and look around carefully for any signs of oxidation or other issues. (The avsforum descriptions suggest a post-production storage and handling problem and maybe not a design problem)

It seems your unit has good features value for the cost,
So if it checked out I'd probably buy the extended warranty and just go with it.

In any event, hope you have great music throughout the holidays.
Appreciate the input. Have sent onkyo support the question and hope to hear back sometime next week. Don't know if I can wait for them. Anxious!
May think about opening it up if they don't have any type seal that has to be broken. Feel sure I can do it without marks. As to the oxidation, what exactly do I look for? The feature set/cost is what led me to this receiver to begin with.
If I do send it back I am leaning toward the Denon 2311ci.
Any other suggestions?
Happy Holidays to all.
Well I had the Onkyo 875 and it died within 6 weeks--- Bought a Denon 4308. I really thought the sound from the Onkyo was more dynamic and just plain better overall but the guy whom has the contract from Onkyo is an actual butcher. / I wouldn't let him fix an empty soda can. So, therefore my Onkyo still sits 3 years later.
I just waded through more of the 44+ pages of discussion on avsforum and must say that it gave me pause. Not sure I've seen that much solid documentation of a product flaw by long term forum contributers, and lack of adequate response from a mfr. in quite a while.

Suggest you don't let delays by Onkyo support cause your product return period to expire, and if you don't like absolutely everything that you hear from them, forgo everything else and bail.

Even if the Denon costs you a couple of hundred more from a local authorized dealer, life is too short and peace of mind is valuable.


Send it back to amazon, at once, since they pick up the shipping cost. Then buy a refurb directly from onkyo, often for about 50% less then you paid new. That will give you a good risk/reward outcome.
Thanks once again.
The more I read and think about this the less confidence I have in the Onkyo. Beginning to think that even if it worked for years I would always have that thought in the back of my mind.

Will be sending it back on Monday or Tuesday. How does Amazon deal with this? Can I just say changed my mind?

Looks like back to the forums to find a suitable replacement. An extra $100-200 is not a big deal. I just get a lot of enjoyment finding that good deal.
Thanks again
Amazon is cool they'll take it back for any reason. HOWEVER, the RIGHT thing to do is to tell them you discovered this issue and now you lack confidence in the product and manufacturer. This will do two things.

1) It will let Amazon know of the issue (or hear of it again if they are aware) so they can pressure the manufacturer (they don't want to eat all those shipping returns.

2) It will introduce consequences...maybe Onkyo will then improve/adjust their quality control

If you don't do this..the cycle will definitely continue...and some other poor #$%^ will possibly get a defective unit when they "b-stock" it.
I am in the process of sending the unit back. Reason I gave was "no longer want or need". I will try to send them another email detailing the risk/problems of this and other Onkyo products. No followup on the email I sent asking about the problem. Not willing to wait any longer.

While I understand that all products have occasional problems and there will always be potential for failure I just could not keep a product that the manufacturer knows has problems and has continued to market with this high potential for failure. It's as if they hope most will make it past the warranty period and will be discarded when/if the failure does occur.

In "my world" when you identify a systemic problem it is corrected and any affected product would be recalled and fixed. Announcements are made to inform the public of the problem and recourse for the solution. This would include manufacture dates and serial no's. affected. Onkyo is apparently fully aware of the problem but I was unable to find any information from onkyo about it or their solution.

Very unfortunate. I will now begin my search again.