Upgrading iTunes Artwork

I want to upgrade the quality of some of the cd artwork in my iTunes library but I cannot delete the old artwork without deleting all of the music tracks as well. How do I delete the existing artwork (not the music) so I can import (click and drag) better quality artwork in.
You should be able to click and drag into the window on the lower left when an album is chosen. The only exception is with WAV files, which, last time I checked, did not support the drag-and-drop method. There is a separate folder in your itunes folder:

Music>iTunes>Album Artwork

But I'm not sure if it's wise to just delete that to start again as I don't know how the file structure works there.
Very simply. If the old artwork was downloaded by iTunes, select the tracks, control click (or right click for Windows) to bring up menu, select Clear Downloaded Artwork menu item.

If the old artwork was user added, select the tracks, control click (or right click for Windows) to bring up menu, select Get Info menu item.

In the dialog, if you had selected multiple tracks, you will see an Artwork box on the Info page. Simply drag the new graphic file onto that box to replace the artwork.

If you had selected only a single track, you will not see an Artwork box but you will see an Artwork tag instead. Click that tag and delete the old artwork there.
Sidssp: Thank you! I just now did "upgrade" one bit of artwork but am struggling with the second one. . it just doesn't want to change! I'll get it - you have me on the right track!! I'm following your input on the other thread as well. Your explanation is good - I'll respond over there as it develops. Thanks again.
Sidssp: OK! I got it - your advice was perfect. Now I will be up all night upgrading iTunes artwork - your fault!
Glad to hear that. Have fun.
in iTunes I select all the songs on the album needing a new or different artwork. I highlight the artwork window. Then I open my web browser, go to google images and search for the cover I need. I search for the best, then I copy the image to the clip board. I return to iTune. I paste it into the artwork frame I had previously highlighted. I can't paste the picture with the mouse but I can with edit command menu. I had to learn this because iTune doesn't like some of my older MFSL cd's or it just can't located any artwork.
I search for the image I want, then download it into My Pictures first. I have Google Toolbar installed with the Picture widget, cycling through My Pictures. So I get a random slide show of all the covers I have downloaded - kind of cool.

After that, it's pretty much what's posted above. I use Download from iTunes first, as it's the fastest way and the image is not stored inside the file. But in many cases, iTunes does not give me the Cover I want. So I have to replace it.

There are three different ways to get the artwork in there. Choose the one you like.

Just be sure it's applied to all tracks - not just the first one of the album. Highlight the track and ensure a picture displays on lower left - use the down arrow to work through all the tracks and check.

Going to just tag this on as I am trying to find all the album covers. Best sites to get artwork from? Would love to hear where everybody get artwork from. Or how they use goggle for this, never done it that way


To google artwork:

Open browser, type google.com in address field, click "images" link at top left corner, type in album title in search field, click "search images" button, select the image that matches your album and looks best to you.
Thanks to all for the instruction: It works! Inwanw: I use two sources for the artwork: Amazon Music and seekacover.com. Both seem to have good quality stuff. If I'm not totally happy with one image I switch to the other site for comparison. That's it though, I'm not one to roam all over the place. Again, thanks to each of you.

As a side note, last night after getting the advice from Sidssp I started working up the updates and 10 albums into the project the darn wireless router went out on me. I'm just now (1:00 PM) the next day getting back into it. Aarrggghh!
OK Folks I want to thank you all. I have now manged to get all the artwork correct. And I still cannot believe that I did not see the images box in goggle.
inwanw: Glad it worked for you. My library is looking much better also thanks to the responses on this thread.
I know that this thread is almost dead but I have to add this information:

Originally after getting good advice herein on how to upgrade the iTunes artwork I went to work upgrading everything using Amazon Music. Then, as a back-up plan, I checked out seekacover.com. Well, let me tell you, the difference between Amazon and seekacover is like night and day. I just finished re-doing all of the artwork using click and drag from seekacover. Their stuff is first class quality.

Just wanted to share that with any readers that may still be checking in.
Best source for album artwork for me is: google images. Just type in a rough approximation of the album /artist name and search using google images. You'll get dozens of photos of the album cover in varying sizes and quality. I prefer to keep data size down by going for images about 300 x 300 but you can go higher resolution if you like.
Gdoodle: You're right - that is a great source for artwork. I am now a regular user. Thanks.
Will not let me drop album artwork in. Just added about a hundred albums. I go and do what I did before and try to add cover art and it will not let me drop it in the info page.

Highlighting all the songs in a album
Bring up file and get info. Page pops up
Find the image in goggle images
drag over and no go.

What the heck is happening.

Used the apple to get a bunch of artwork and most is OK, will have to change some
Highlighting all the songs in a album
Bring up file and get info. Page pops up
Find the image in goggle images
drag over and no go.

What the heck is happening.

Are the CD's you've ripped to iTunes formatted as .WAV files? If so, per my response above, .WAV files will not support that method of drag-and-drop as other formats. If you want to rip in high-rez and use drag-and-drop I'm pretty sure AIFF would work. Apple Lossless certainly works.

The only way I know of to get iTunes to associate artwork to .WAV files is to have iTunes fetch the available artwork via the software. The actual .WAV files do not support metadata the same way the other formats can. iTunes does a sort of runaround of this by creating some sort of path to the artwork via the softare. Unfortunately it does not support drag-and-drop for .WAV
nope just double checked apple lossless
Well I don't know what happened in 12 hours but it works now. Perhaps it needed the rest after all the new input. Just going to rethink the way I am doing this.