Upgrading from Benz ace m to ?will spend 3k

I have a Vpi classic with shindo massetto pre and shindo mono amps along with devore silverbacks speakers. I was looking to upgrade to the Benz ruby zh for 2800 with the ace trade in.any opinions to go a different route or stay the Benz passage ?
Hi Rugby1, My suggestion is Benz Ruby 3 S (FG). This cart has the same 'motor' as the LP but different wood body (Bruyere). The letter 'S' is not correct according to me
because the stylus is (FG) Fritz Geiger latest stylus wich
is also used by J. Allaerts and is similar to Ortofon Replicant. However this cart is 'much' cheaper then the LP . I use this cart with Triplanar VII and have nothing to complain about.
I like Lyra cartridges. For much lower price you can get Lyra Titan with more superior performance to Benz Ruby.
Check w/ your Shindo dealer as to what cartridges they like w/ the Massetto. If you don't have a dealer, do a little research as to what carts Shindo pre owners use. If you don't use a Step-up, Dynavector or any SPU cartridge should
work well. I know there are quite a few more, and even more
still if you use a Step-up. The first that comes to mind is
EMT. The D-V and SPU's of course, also work well w/ a lo impedance SUT. I am certainly not an expert on this subject,
but I hope it helps. Don't forget Benz makes a Cartridge
they call a TR. This is around $3,500, and is said to work
well with SUT's. I believe the TR may be an abbreviation for Transformer. My guess only. Lastly, don't forget these two basics. What works well w/ your phono section, and your tonearm.