Upgrade suggestions for Parasound/Dynaudio system

Here's how it looks now:

Audience AR6T-O
[ MacBook -> Audiophilleo USB to SPDIF ] ->
JPS Digital AC-X
[ Anedio D1 DAC ] ->
JPS Labs Q Interconnect ->
JPS Power AC+
[ Parasound Halo A21 ] ->
JPS Labs Q Speaker Cables ->
Dynaudio Countour S1.4

It sounds great but it's still missing something, I don't know the right word for it but I'd call it "richness". It's like saying I want cream all I have 2% :)

If I could change/upgrade one component, what should it be?

I dunno but I love your dairy analogy. I could spark a whole new debate on nonfat/1%/2%/whole milk/cream virtues.
Have you considered adding a sub? When set up properly it will add to the sound stage and bring out the lowest octave the S1.4's can't reproduce. I have a Rel B3 with my C1's.

Another thing to consider would be to replace the Parasound with a tube amp. I have an Octave V70SE and at 70w/ch it is plenty for the C1's.
Vinyl is your full fat cream! :-)
Before you go buying expensive new gear, which may even make your system leaner, do a quick frequency response using a test CD. You could have a severe suckout somewhere in the midbass/lower mids region, where much of the "fat" is (my mids region is plenty fat, btw). Just as an example, I lowered my speakers from 20" to 13" stands and measured a +3db increase in the midbass. Now, they measure flat and sound like I just bought a $10K tube system, etc. It's all about the speakers and the room when it comes to warmth.
Switch to vinyl and you won't go back.
This is quite funny - I was discussing this with local Dyn dealer, his suggestions were as follows:

1. Simaudio amp
2. REL sub
3. Go vinyl!

Beastie Boys once said "I like my sugar with coffee and cream". That's how I like my music energizing and rich :P

So, I brought my old B&W ASW160 sub from storage and it does indeed help flesh out the sound. Maybe an upgrade to a REL is in order some day?

Bojack - I think measuring the response is a very good starting point here.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Happy Holidays!