Upgrade program

Are any dealers still doing this ??
Some dealers have a formal upgrade program, i.e., within one year you can trade in for a component at double value, etc. But I have found that you can often negotiate an upgrade track on a component at the time of purchase, as the dealer is motivated to close the sale. Ask the dealer what the trade in will be if you want to upgrade within 6 months or a year and they will sometimes give you a very favorable answer.
Sim Audio has a 'trade-up' program that gives full value for components bought new if you want to move up in their line of products.
I own a HiFi store and I routinely offer upgrades at very generous terms (including full value). Any audio shop that considers itself "high-end" should do this as a matter of course--not because it has a policy per se, but because good audio retailers should seek to establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships with their customers. The reason many audiophiles still choose to purchase from a brick-and-mortar store is because of this special relationship. That's why I lend stuff out and allow my customers to "try-before-they-buy," too. It's with services like this that online retailers can't compete.