Should I Upgrade from an Edge G8 amp to the Edge NL-12 amp??

I have an Edge system now with an Edge G2 preamp and Edge G8 amp. I like it, it’s detailed & resolving, but just not in love with it. It doesn’t seem to have the punch in the speakers I thought the pair would produce. Maybe it’s cabling or source, or speakers. I was considering a power upgrade to the Edge NL-12 to improve on it. Any thoughts pro or con? Or could I do better going in a different direction. I'm open to all suggestions.


EDIT: This is for a secondary system in a 15x22’ room.

3zub it would really help to know what your speakers are and what you mean by punch? Lacking bass? Or dynamics? Or something else?
Dynamics & punch is probably be the best description. (Sorry, don't have a better description.)  I've rotated between the Totem Forest, Monitor Audio GS10 bookshelf and Aerial Acoustic 5B bookshelf.  So far the Aerials seem the liveliest of the group with the Edge equipment.  They all produce different degrees of bass, with the Aerial producing a surprising amount given the sealed design. 
Looked up your amp and saw a review by Jason Victor Serinus which had the following conclusion:

In a forthcoming revisit to Wireworld and Harmonic Tech interconnects, I shall address in some detail the influence of cables on sound and overall presentation. What is important to say now is that the Edge G8 is an amp for which choice of cabling is a crucial and decisive factor.

When paired with the right cables, the Edge G8 emerges as a fast, powerful amp with excellent bass control, significant detail, and striking highs. Though not a statement product, it offers an enviable degree of musicality that makes it a definite contender for anyone considering power amplifiers in this price range.

Here is the link to the full review complete with measurements:

Without reading the whole thing I would ask what cables you are using as it seems this may be an issue with your particular amp.
One other thought looking at all 3 speakers you mention the Ariel 5B you say sounds liveliest and its in fact the hardest of your three speakers to drive. Perhaps whats happening here is your amp, which is fairly high current, just needs a more difficult load to sink its teeth into? Perhaps someone more knowledgeable like almarg might see this thread and chime in with greater insight.

Agreed.  That's what I thought, that the Aerials were in fact the most difficult to drive, but seemingly sounded the best.  Sealed design perhaps has something to do with that. I don't know for sure.

The cabling in this system is Audience Au24 single ended interconnects (the Edge is not a balanced design) and Crystal Clear Audio Studio Reference speaker cables (still in the breaking-in period with about 50 hours).  Thoughts?

3zub I got a chance to read the whole review and looks like he was talking about cable matching in terms the system sounding bright not in terms of bass or dynamics so I doubt its a cable issue. Probably more what we were both speaking your speakers being too easy a load for the amps. Also the Ariels while sounding more lively are very small sealed box speakers so bass will be somewhat limited and dynamics as well. Perhaps a larger floorstanding full range speaker would be a more appropriate match for this amp?

jond-  Good point, and thank you for the review info.  Each system has its components that it is most synergistic with.  Originally I thought the Forest Totems would be the better speaker choice.  But I'm on the same page thinking perhaps another medium-sized floor stander should be considered. Suggestions welcome.  And, from the original question, would an upgrade to the larger NL-12 amp be of benefit to me?

3zub I really think you have "enough" amp already you don't really need more power, try different speakers first before you look at changing your amp would be my thought.
If you have the  Edge G2 preamp with battery option onboard, this could leave you without the punch and dynamics you are speaking of. I once owned the Edge Signature One preamp and this is what I noticed also... a lack of punch and dynamic impact... as you say.  The battery mode was super quiet though.

I owned the G2 and G8 and upgraded to the NL 12.1 and Sig 1.1 SE pre. Very nice and a significant upgrade. Running with B&W 800D and lots of bass impact battery or wall power, Room has proved the biggest issue, particularly with the bass.
fossda-   What is the difference between the NL-12 and NL-12.1?
@3zub I just noticed you put your Edge G2 and G8 up for sale, upgrading?
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Yes... I am upgrading to the Maker Audio NL 14+ mono amps.  Maker Audio is formerly Edge Audio, with the same lineage and designer, Tom Maker. Now looking for a suitable preamp (suggestions welcomed) for these mono blocks amps.