Upgrade from Audioquest Lapis

I'm looking to improve my interconnect runs from my CD player to pre-amp, and pre-amp to amp. Right now I run Lapis for both connections. Any recommendations? I would like to stick with silver, and I would like to buy the same cable for both runs. Thanks.
AQ Diamondx3 is what I went to from Lapisx3. Extremely smooth yet detailed. In comparison to the diamond, Lapis is a bit harsh and tipped up in the treble. I thought it was an awesome cable, until I got my 2 runs of diamond. Unfortunately, Dx3 is pretty rare RCA terminated, but it can be found. (it took 1 day for someone to respond to my first "wanted ad" on Audiogon, but then 3 months of scouring the earth to get another pair).

I Highly recomment it. You may want to try the Homegrown Audio Silver Lace, which many Silver IC tweekers on this site swear by. Try searching the forums by "Homegrown Audio" or "Silver Lace" . IT is quite inexpensive. FYI the Diamond cost me about $500 per pair..
I use homegrown audio interconnects, and they are fabulous. Ridiculously cheap, too. www.homegrownaudio.com. The silver lace is amazing. I use it from preamp to amp. Just beware. It takes a hair-pullingly long time to break in. I almost sent 'em back after first listen. Great ICs, but you must be paient, grasshopper.
I agree. Diamond X3 is a significant upgrade from Lapis X3, and a great cable. I was using Lapis X3, Diamond X2 and Fidelity Research Silver Dragons in my system, and just upgraded (this weekend, in fact), to all Diamond X3 IC's. No comparison whatsoever. In my view, it's as good as Quattrofil in the right system. Gthirteen is, however, wrong on one point. Search for Diamond on Audiogon and you'll see there are several pairs for sale. In fact, two pairs were auctioned this weekend, but did not meet the reserve price. Seems like it's not a popular cable these days
I just sold my Diamond X3's this weekend. Took all of 30 minutes with several buyers immediately. I had both the X3 Diamonds & the X3 Lapis (which I am still selling). I found them to have the same basic sonic signature - very very detailed & quick. I think for tubed electronics or with electrostatics they are a great match. I preferred my 'special edition' quattro-fil cables to the diamonds but I think I'm oriented towards the nordost sound.
I used versions of AQ Diamond X3's for several years and felt they bettered my Lapis in most areas. It has been a while since using them, but I do recall a distinct improvement in the several versions that were offered over the years. I believe two earlier versions I used had a "glossy" gunmetal grey jacket, whereas, the latest incarnation I used had a "flat" grey jacket which sounded quite a bit better than the early versions in my system...much more smooth and extended.
I purchased John 1's Diamond X3 this weekend to replace my Lapis X3. The Lapis is an amazing cable. It simply sounds good in almost any system. I have tested cables from Silver Audio, Cardas, NBS, Nordost, Other Audioquest, Magnan, Harmonic Technologies, Silversmith and found the Audioquest Lapis X3 to be among the best. Interestingly enough, I use Krell components... People shriek when I tell them I use silver IC's. Silver is great at preserving fine detail between components. For some reason, AQ silver IC's are not bright like other silver or poorly designed silver cables. Lapis in my system sounds almost like Cardas Golden Reference without the bloat or midrange "hump".

The only cable I've heard that bested the Lapis has been a custom made Jack Bybee cable which my dealer would not quote a price on. Apparently it was a one-of-a-kind cable. It was truly amazing. Complete tonal balance without any high-frequency distortion at any listening level. I'm still working on the dealer, trying to get
more information on this cable. It's odd that he is
so secretive about it. If I do manage to get more info, I'll post.

Looking forward to receiving the Diamond X3's from John.
I hope they are an improvement on the Lapis X3.
I would suggest like mostly everyone else to go to DIAMOND,I have the Diamond X-2,seems x-3 in RCA is hard to find,but X-2 is around and it's good and can be found at a fair price.
Thanks all, for the advice. However, the cable upgrade just go moved to the back burner as my amp is having a problem and will most likely need to be serviced now.