Audioquest WEL vs Wild Blue

For those who have heard them both, please describe the sonic differences between Audioquest WEL Signature and Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder.
I currently run WEL for all of my main leads including a balanced 12M length of interconnect from Pre-Amp to Power Amps. I had previously also owned a similar length of WBY, there isn't really a comparison. The WEL has more heft and depth that the WEL lacks alongside it sounding rather thin in comparison. It's not a matter of emphasizing or deemphasizing part of the frequency range but more that with the WEL the instruments are more filled out. They're both good cables but the premium for the WEL is justified and you will also own a cable that your system can grow into. 

I also like the WEL power cords a lot but have never compared mine with WBY.

I am however not a fan of the WEL speaker cable -- my thoughts on this have been recorded elsewhere but for my money its's over priced for what it delivers -- I've no experience with the WBY speaker cord

Finally I've had extensive experience with WBY Digital cords, they're good (probably with a similar sonic signature to the interconnect) but easily bettered by Transparent Reference XL.

I recently swapped in a length of WEL Signature between my digital processor and my amps. I'm Very satisfied with the sound, especially the rich tonality and seemingly complete harmonics around instruments. They are highly detailed without being edgy. Very Musical. I have noted that a couple of well known reviewers have chosen WBY for their systems, which made me curious why??
No experience with WEL but do have WBY ICs and Wildwood SC.  I never thought I'd be a cable guy but they have me convinced...
I have WEL 8ft single-biwire speaker cables, and 2 WEL NRG power cords. 

I can tell you that even 1 WEL power cord is killer enough... I loaned it to my friend and he says... I cant go back. 

And he's a shunyata guy.  

I'm just looking for 1 more WEL power cord and 2 sets of WEL XLR and my loom is complete. 

I was never a cable guy until Audioquest. 
I called Audioquest to inquire about the WEL series and they said it's discontinued. Guess it's time for another line from them.