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PSAudio Direct Stream or Bryston BDA/BDP2?
nglazer(Neal),I also use a BDP-1 and was hoping you could share how you connect your BDP-1 to the PS Audio DirectStream Dac. Any information is appreciated.Dave 
My wife passed yesterday
My sincerest condolences. None of us is prepared for such a loss. I very much hope your memories will continue to be a source of comfort. 
It was 20 years ago today. . What was your system?
Early 90's: Eminent Technology LFT-6 planar magnetic speakers, Audio Research SP-14, an early Well Tempered Classic tt with square motor and aluminum-arm, Audio Research D-160 amp, AQ Lapis and Diamond Interconnects, and AQ Clear-Plus speaker cabl... 
Tube Monoblocks w/- balanced inputs?
Sonic Frontiers Power 3 tube monoblocs' circuits are fully balanced from input to output, as are their output transformers. I used them with 3.6's in a 27'x 16' room and they were a nice match. IMO: if possible, put the 3.6' on the long wall. Good... 
Grover Huffhman Sx
After comparing the two, I replaced my 5 meter Acoustic Zen Ref II interconnects with a 5 meter pair of Grover S XLR's...this was one of my rare easy decisions in making cable changes. I was not prepared for a cable costing several hundred dollars... 
Have you replaced the batteries inside Vandy 5?
I second Ljs fin's recommendation for using 9v lithium batteries...I picked up 6 for the internal crossovers at Radio Shack. 
Guitar's...what do the audionuts play?
'96 custom shop blond '57 Strat reissue, '90 Gibson ES335 (with really nice figured/translucent cherry), a couple of mid-'80's jap. tele's, '93 Taylor 710,'94 HD28, a deluxe reverb, a really cool Rivera Stereo 120 tube combo with JBL's 
Vandersteen 5a battery biased crossovers
When you decide to replace your 5a's batteries, you may want to consider using the longer-life Lithium version. When I shipped my crossovers to Richard Vandersteen for battery replacement, I included 6 new RadioShack 9V "Ultralife" Lithium batteri... 
Recommendations for Tube Amp Repair Tech in US?
Over the years, I have had nothing but exemplary service on my Audio Research and Sonic Frontiers tube gear from Alex Lok, ace technician (35 years of experience)and owner of The Analog Store. What stands out and is uncommon in my experiences with... 
"new country" music recomendations please
Rodney Crowell-a songwriter's songwriter. -"Fates Right Hand" may be his best work. 
Best "Rock/Pop" Debut Album?
The Marshall Tucker Band 
Any thoughts on the CD "trimmer"
sirspeedy: I know you asked for feedback on whether or not the Audiodesk trimmer improved sound; however, I also want to share the positive effects it has on DVD's. Resolution and color is noticably improved. I use my Audiodeske for both CD's and ... 
Townsend Seismic Sink Pump - where to find?
I recall reading about someone replacing a Seismic Sink factory valve stem with the typical stems found on bike and/or auto innertubes/tires. If this is possible, you simply use off-the-shelf air pumps. 
I just received a mint RS analog version I bought on EBAY for around $28. The desirable analog version is:Radio Shack Analog Sound Level Meter, #33-2050. I believe there are currently several more listed on EBAY. 
What is your latest "rediscovery"?
Niel Young's "Comes A Time" (German pressing)and Traveling Wilburys, Volume 1 has recently gotten a lot of play.