Upgrade advice from old Cardas Quadlink 5 RCA Interconnects

I have been using these old 6 ft blue Cardas Quadlink 5 RCA interconnects for... I dunno....25 years (??) now and am considering an upgrade.  I need at least 5 ft length.
What is the next upgrade in USED Cardas cables?  I don;t understand their line nor how these older cables fit into them.  I am pretty sure I want to stick with Cardas simply because I have been so impressed by these older cables.

For sound, I just like neutrality and not bright.  I have another pair of MIT Magnum 3 (?) interconnects that are more modern and more expensive but I still feel the older Cardas is a better cable for me.  I purchased these Cardas new but honestly, I am shocked by the prices of new cables... can't believe it actually so am looking for used.

Usage:  Between my PS Audio DirectStream DAC and a PrimaLuna HP integrated.
Thanx for you help.
Bruce in Philly
I'd call the manufacturer and start there.   For cables, to me it has been try it and see if it works.  
Good Morning, bruce in philly:
You could try to look for the older series Hexlink 5 of better yet Hexlink Golden 5-C as they would be along the lines of the Quadlink 5s but more of everything. If need something more neutral, then (pardon the pun), Neutral Reference. These may be more cost effect that the newer line(s). 5' (approx. 1.5m and longer Hexlink 5s and Golden 5-C come up for sale quite often. Personally, I prefer the Golden 5-C as it is better and a little warmer sounding (some don't like them at all and they know who they are). Enjoy the music.  :o)

Have you checked the website to see how the new line of IC’s relate to the discontinued (Legacy) cables?
For example, the Parsec is an improved version of the old Crosslink. It’s a bit more detailed with the same sonic signature. This would be a horizontal move and not an upgrade.

All of the Clear line (blue) are more neutral with more extension than the discontinued cables. The cables in orange have the classic Cardas midrange warmth with less detail and extension.
The Neutral series are very different having transparent sonics.

IMO, the Clear Light is a great upgrade and is available used. It’s got the warmth with more detail and extension.

Thanx all... I contacted Cardas, their response "Quadlink was replaced by Parsec in our lineup. The next step up from Parsec is Clear Sky, and the next step from there is Clear Cygnus. Either would be worthwhile upgrades and provide greater detail and spacial imaging."
Any comments on this? 

Also there are some Cardas Golden Presence out there from some sellers... comment on this cable? 

Thanx again,Bruce in Philly

All of the Golden series has the original Cardas sonic signature; warm mids, lack of high-end extension, not a very detailed cable. Good for taming a bright system. I believe Golden Presence was top of the line with pleasant sonics. 

The Clear Sky has the Cardas warmth and more detail than the Parsec, but not a major upgrade in SQ.
I had the Clear and it was very good, with the Clear Light being a lower-end version. Clear Cygnus must be a recent issue.

Are you purchasing new or used?
The Cable Company has a lending library.

I would suggest you contact the following dealer by phone with any question about Cardas products: https://www.theatermax.com