Updated Releases of the Chord DAC 64

Hey Everybody, just wondering if Chord has updated the Chord DAC 64 since it was released a while ago.
Buckingham hasn't this DAC only been out about three months?
I believe it was released in Europe in September 2001.
It was released in N America a few months ago I think. There's one for sale on this site and the seller says that he was the 1st owner and he purchased it in Sept 2001. Just wondering if it is the same as the current release.
I believe it must be-- partly due to it's allegedly ground breaking design,I find it unlikely it would have been updated already,the unit has only been advertised by dealers recently in the UK.
By that I mean 2002,I think I saw the first magazine reviews late 2001 but most of the dealers ads have been this Spring-there's not too many dealers who stock it even in the UK, if I remember right.
It sounds like a very interesting product but at the price range I would guess it has tough competition even without considering the new formats..
Hope this helps....