For those who buy new releases on vinyl

What is the best source for knowing what new releases (ie, music which an artist is currently releasing, not reissues) are coming to market? Specifically, I'm interested in how best to tell if something I want will or might be released on vinyl so as to avoid buying the CD and then finding out that it's coming out on vinyl.
I like MusicDirect
The Elusive Disc is also a good source for new vinyl, especially reissues.
I just bought a Test recording at Jerry's in Pittsburgh. It was 45 years old and still new in the wrapper! I buy lots of NOS from there...
The dealers know what's coming... I buy my new pressings from a local shop that sells LP releases, and the owner knows what is going to be produced in LP and when (the LP usually lags behind the CD release. I also buy from Elusive Disc, and they can also tell you what's coming. Occasionally, and counter-intuitively, an item will also list the LP version-- this is how I learned that the Robert Plant/Allison Krauss release will be followed by an LP.
Check the local chains and small Mom & Pops record stores in your area first. They do have resources if they are interested in making $$$. The two above are very informative too. Elusive Disk and music direct. You may want to try in PA. They sell some new LP's and reissues. There are several companies on Ebay that do the same and they all have a special niche. I don't remember all of the them but they usually have a buy now price next to their offerings and a very good selection of items too. Some do just reissues so you have to filter them out. But the Buy it now and sealed (new or reissues will be your key). Some of them are also 180GM vinyl and 200GM vinyl too. Lastly go to and type in "New Vinyl Releases" and you will get a list of various places with new vinyl for sale. By the way almost the entire top 40 has always been in print since the 80's. So if it was in the top 40 it's out there somewhere.
the artist's website, or their label's website, generally contain the anouncement in advance of release.