New releases of Fela Kuti

Hi I want to ask opinion on quality of new re-issues of Fela Kuti records.
He made tons of albums in his carreer, but getting them original is very tough. If anyone would input how they compare sonically to new re-issues i'll appreciate that.
I guess none knows Fela here! Not audiophile music I guess.
I'd check Steve Hoffman Forums. Much more active discussion of pressing there than here.
I guess none knows Fela here!

Not so! I have but one of his, "Army Arrangement". Am unaware of reissues. What else would you recommend?
I have ,Fela Kuti & Africa 70,CD ,,I do not have any vinyl.Sounds pretty good.I have a few friends that like him as well.
I first became aware of Fela's music while browsing in a record store in Paris around 1981. There appears to have been much greater awareness of Fela's music in Europe than in the US at that time. I did not follow his musical career and discography but three of my favorites from that period are "Sorrow, Tears and Blood (1977), "International Thief Thief" (1980) and "Original Sufferhead" (1981).

Knitting Factory Records has re-released quite a few Fela records on vinyl and CD. In addition, you can download them from Bandcamp in various digital formats at
I've purchased one with Fela Kuti, but was also intrigued by the box set $110.
I'm big fan of Fela so I'd probably stretch for that value.
Just got 3rd box-set and purchased 2 of a kind. First 2 are out of print within less than few years.
I believe that my investment was worthy as kept sealed box will profit very soon.