Universal Remote for Dummies

I have yet to find a universal remote that will prevent a call from the wife asking how to turn something on...I have a Logitech Harmony, which,although lost at the moment, works ok, but it still requires prompting. Any recommendations?
I found the Theater Master MX-500 to be one of the best designed products I've every owned. In any case check
http://www.remotecentral.com for info about remotes.

A sony on ebay for like $15. I forget the model #, it learns too.
I have a Marantz Rc1400 which i really like, but I like the hard buttons. I also like the ability to punch through commands. They sell for about 130.00
Thanks Wireless for the website. I'm going to spend some time there. And the Theatermaster reminds me of the remote which came with my old Acurus ACT 3..the ergonomics, I mean. I think the EAD rc2000 remote is a marantz, actually. Greg Noble at EAD is selling a 7000, which may be an updated Marantz. But the backliting on the 2000 is non existant. And there are too many screens to key through for me to give any kind of coherent telephone directions. We're ok with the harmony 800,(if I could find it)but I know there are better options out there. Appreciate the shared experiences. I'm definitely going to try the Theatermaster, and the other Marantz as well.
Email David at Onlyoneremote. He really know his stuff.
I have had about a million remotes: top of the line Sony, several Proto Versions, HTM MX-500, 700, 800, Harmony 880 (890 too), and finally the Harmony One. While not perfect, it is by far the easiet for the wife to handle. It's not as configurable as the HTM remotes, but the software is easier to use, and always current with new codes, and the support is MUCH better. Also, very little instruction needed to teach others to use it. "Activities" and "Help" the only things they need to know.