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What happened to Von Gaylord
I hope everything is OK.   
What happened to Von Gaylord
Still no luck on my end with website.  Weird. 
What happened to Von Gaylord
My bad.......maybe just a problem on my end. 
Marten Duke 2 anyone own or heard these?
Thanks. Wow Dukes as rear speakers, what a system 
Review: Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Series 2 DA converter
Question for Eugene81I noticed you have a fair amount of Von Gaylord electronicsin your system. Did you ever consider the DAC they make?Were you able to AB the Berkeley DAC with the Uni?I also have Von Gaylord products but currently no DAC.Ray say... 
Who here uses Von Gaylord amps or other gear?
I agree that the Von Gaylord products are addicting.I have gone from Thiel to Proac to Von Gaylord in mysearch for a final speaker within my budget. Nothingwrong with Thiel or Proac ( I still own some Proacspeakers ) but the "Return of the Legend"... 
Universal Remote for Dummies
Email David at Onlyoneremote. He really know his stuff. 
Is my room big enough for ProAc D38's
Did you ever purcahse your D38's? If so,how did they sound, and how did you set them up? 
Proac response 2
any luck replacing the woofers on your Response 2s?Mine have the same problem.