how to make a universal remote handset .......

How to make a universal remote handset work for my Rotel RA932 integrated amp. The remote is missing. Which remote should I consider and how to make it work? Just to to turn it on and volume up and down will be more than enough. Anyone out there who could help me......

Contact Rotel and ask them if they can provide the IR code used by your model. If they can provide the IR code, you can likely use any universal remote that allows you to input IR codes.

You might want to ask Rotel if they have another remote that will work with your unit. If they can provide you a remote model number or the model number of another unit who's remote will work for you, you can search for a new remote on They typically have about any remote you can imagine.

Lastly, many universal remotes will allow you to "search" for a workable remote code. It's a bit time consuming, but it will usually "find" the remote code that will work for your device. is typically a great site for getting assistance with your questions about remotes.


I ventured into the universal remote with a Logitec Harmony One, and I actually got it done. If your equipment is not in the database (online) you can train it. However, your simple requiremnets for volume only may make the Logitech heavy handed in features and money.