Universal Player question

Occasionally idenifies an SACD hybrid disc as a redbook CD. What's up?
as you undoubtedly know, sacds also have a redbook cd layer, such that a standard cdp can play (the redbook layer of) the sacd. it sounds like your player is only reading the redbook layer on certain sacds. query whether when it identifies the sacd as a redbook cd, does it sound like an sacd?
Precisely, a hybrid SACD has a redbook layer, hence the name. Most players should have a manual option to switch between the SACD layer and the redbook layer. It seems that occasionally your player has trouble with identifying that the CD is a hybrid and does not default to the SACD layer. Accordingly, you will likely have to manually switch over to the SACD layer. Time to read the manual.
Its a revox. Its taken me years to figure out the remote and functions..I believe its all automatic.Thanks for the feedback.
Have an SACD player and there are some SACD's that it will not play, not many, but it is a few years old to, so...
Revox? Did Revox make an SACD player?
Revox M51v2