Unheralded masterpieces revisited?

Robin Trowers "Bridge of Sighs" is undoubtedly one of the most underrated rock albums of all time-start to finish...Don't understand how this one slipped through the cracks....The rest of his albums kinda stink...Hard to believe they're from the same band....In my book "Bridge of Sighs" belongs up there with the heavyweights....
I always liked the Bridge of Sighs album too.
Me too. Heard it on FM radio Summer of 1974 and taped it to a c-cassette. Blew me away.... ´twas psych stuff man. Not drugs used just music. Bravo    the 70´s ! Yes his finest by light years.
Another gems from 1974 on FM radio, taped them all:
Sparks:. "Kimono My House". Yes to my great surprise they were American   band, thou they sounded very British! Incredible stuff.
Mountain: "Avalance" heavy stuff man. Felix Pappalardi ruled
The Doobie Brothers: "What Were Once Wises Are Now Habits" sublime
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Can’t think of any majors so here’s some minors:

Rank & File ~ Sundown
Dixie Dregs ~ What If
Trip Shakespeare ~ Lulu
Carlene Carter (b/w Rockpile) ~ Musical Shapes
Romeo Void ~ It’s A Condition
Neko Case ~ Blacklisted
The Rain Parade ~ Emergency Third Rail Power Trip

Don’t laugh. Listen. And you will see.....