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Get this album!

Steve Guttenberg is friends with David Chesky and if you follow the link, you can download his la...

Upgrading from Focal Maestro 3 to Maestro Evo.

I’m looking to upgrade from my current Focal Maestro 3 to current Maestro EVO. My only concern wi...

Repair or restoration shop in Central Kentucky

I’ve started collecting some vintage audio equipment and am looking for a shop or reliable indivi...

Rega Mira program mode to change Gain Settings

Does anyone recall how to adjust the 'gain settings' in the Rega Mira 3 integrated amps?  There a...

looking for schematic for thor ta-3000 phono

Hi, I'm looking g for a diagram for thor audio ta 3000mkii  , I need to bypass the transformers  ...