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B.T. Express - Looking For Similar Music

Recently stumbled across an LP copy of “Do It” by B.T. Express in bunch of vinyl I’d acquired-in-...

Manley Gold Reference DAC

Anyone have any experience with this long deleted DAC? I vaguely recall reading a rave review yea...

Anthem MCA 325 or Rotel 1582 with B&W CM10

Hello Members,I need some advice on upgrading my amp for my setup. Currently I have the Rotel 158...

Peachtree Decco 2 volume motor acting up

I bought this thing used as there's no way I can justify what they want for new devices, especial...

Atoll IN200 sig vs Anthem STR Integrated Amp

Hi,I'm pretty new to hifi and have decided to join the world of quality 2 channel listening.  I'v...