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Amp upgrade for Polk LSIM707

Hey there, I'm new here so forgive my missing context and/or incorrect verbiage in my post or oth...

Snell Type D speaker ...Front Tweeter adjustment question

I am confused as to where the knob setting position should be on the front tweeter.It says: strai...

Anybody Own the Technics SL- G700 SACD Player?

Although I am very happy with my Oppo 105 (product release 8+ years ago now?) that I upgraded ...

Audio quality and user's subscription in Mconnect

I recently downloaded Mconnect to play Tidal in UPNP on my Devialet speakers. But Mconnect does n...

to those of you with atc actives

to those of you with the atc scm series, 50, 100 and 150 asl im wondering the followingwhat pream...

Marantz HD-AMP1 headphone amplifier compared to HD-DAC1?

How does the Marantz HD-AMP1 headphone amplifier compare to the HD-DAC1?

Any Weiss Engineering DAC502 owners here?

Looking for feedback, impressions, etc.

Mit Spectral câbles with non spectral amp.

I should want to know if some of you have experienced using spectral cable on non spectral amp. I...

[Project update] Headphone Stand

[Project update] Thank you for your time to fill my surveys. Now I am ready to show headphone s...

KR Audio Pre Amp

Anyone speak to this brand? Looking for a tubed front end to my system. Just looking to see if an...