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My ARCAM AVR550 Receiver LED Lights Stop Displaying

I have an ARCAM AVR550 receiver.  My Sony 65 inch XBR TV is connected via HDMI to the receiver.  ...

DAC to eventually replace my Simaudio Supernova

My Supernova is aging well, but I really am interested in jumping headlong into an R2R dac, initi...

Raidho X-2 vs Marten Miles 5

Good Day,Anyone have any experience with either the Raidho X-2 or Marten Miles 5.  I am looking t...

Martin Logan electrostatics versus King Sound and/or Sound Lab electrostatics.

I have had Martin Logan CLX speakers for awhile, but am interested if other audiophiles have had ...

Meet in Santa Clara county

I'd like to start a local group based in the south bay. Any experience level is welcome. Message ...

Vtl mb750

Does anyone here have any experience with these?

Eggleston Works Andre 1 replace Infinity RS2.5

Would it be a worthwhile upgrade? Amps are either Classe ca-300 or Denon POA-S10 monoblocks. Pre ...

NuForce Ref 9 V3 amplifier upgrade + repair by TDSS

I’m writing this for anyone who is interested in legacy NuForce amps (which I highly, highly reco...

APL Denon 3910 - Anybody still using this?

Hello,I bought such a player back in 2007, enjoyed it for some years but then tried other DACs, n...

Bridge or Single ch to bi-amp Center channel B&W HTM3S

I recently upgraded from the HTM2 to the 3S and I'm out of funds to upgrade my amps at the moment...