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UnSilent Night - Participate in music with your old boom box!


Hiring programmer for my HT setup in San Jose ca

Hey everyone. Not sure where I should post this, but if this needs to be moved, feel free. But th...

Comparing Unison research Simply phono with Goldnote Ph10

Has anyone compared these 2 phono stage -Unison Research Simply Phono with Goldnote PH10. I curre...

AudioQuest Niagara 1000

Hey Audiophobes,Anybody have any experience with the AudioQuest Niagara 1000 Power  LOW-Z POWER/...

Weizhi PRS-6 vs Running Springs Haley

Curious if anyone has had an opportunity to compare these two passive conditioners?

Qualia 007

Does anyone have experience with the Qualia 007? I assume that the integrated amp is class D (or ...

Rega RS 10 Anyone there with a pair in the New York/NJ/CT/PA or Mid Atlantic?

Would greatly appreciate the opportunity to take one hour listen to a pair of Rega RS-10! Locatio...

Dual 1019 repair-refurbish recommendations

Looking to have my Dual 1019 fixed up. Original owner, hasn't been used in 20 years. I'm in Michi...

ATC users

I run ATC scm 19’s with a P1 pro in a nearfield setup. Any thoughts on which of these two upgrade...

Kimber USB Cable, differences between KS-2416 vs. AXIOS vs. KS-2436

Hello, I am currently researching my choice for USB cables. I really like the Kimber line of USB ...