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DUAL turntable part

Hello friends can anybody help, I am searching for my Dual CS 728 Q front (square) plastic button...

MHDT Orchid or Denafrips Ares?

Anyone compared the MHDT Orchid with the Denafrips Ares? There are reviews of each individually b...

Montreal Audio Fest 2019 - Pictures from the Exhibition

Here are some videos from Montreal Audio Fest 2019.I did these videos using Sony HDR-MV1 Music ...

Adcom GFP 565

Does anyone know the difference in the green circuit board and the blue circuit board other then ...

Anyone know Jeff Rowland 125 amp?

I’d like opinions about this stereo amplifier, if it’s soundstage and dynamic is really nice.Thanks

nakamichi sr 2a rec and zu omen mk 2 ?

I just pick thisthan sr 2a recever sounds good . what you think . about strsis amp .thank you.

Anybody heard a Counterpoint SOLID 2 amplifier ?

HiI could get a Counterpoint SOLID 2 amp for $500 CAN. This is a great price and the amp works we...

Looking for high end brick and mortar store near Pensacola, Orange Beach, Mobile, Al

My wife and I are vacationing near Orange Beach and Pensacola area for a few weeks and I am loo...

Belden 8402 versus Belden 1505A interconnect observations

I have been using Belden 1505A interconnects and I just bought some Belden 8402 to try. I’m in in...

Mark Levinson 333 (recapped)

I am considering purchase of a Mark Levinson 333, recapped in 2006.Price is 2200 Euros (in the Ne...