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Upgrading from Paradigm Cinema Series

Want to upgrade from the Paradigm Cinema series CT100 setup. Was looking at the Monitor SE series...

How to hook up external DAC to DEQX premate

Hi- Just got the premate and want to run my external dac- I hooked up my server to the premate di...

Proper preamp for new ATC 40 active floorstanders

Research was unsatisfactory for ferreting out strong preferences of preamps for these ATC active ...

AKM new Verita AK4499EQ flagship dac

AKM seem to me to be the leader of the "non R2R" dac chip sound, this new one is said "maybe" goi...

Amp experience

I have no dout that more power is better. But for low volume listening when the power output is U...

MAC Wire Delta Music Advancement Co. interconnects

Anyone familiar with these cables ?...I tried to research with no results.Are they considered to ...

looking for a new digital portable.

I am looking for a portable that will connect wifi and download streaming services files (e.g. sp...

Has anyone heard the ProAc Reference SM100?

There's precious little info about them online. Any first hand experience would be appreciated. 

Recommended phono stage to pair with an Anthem D2V

Im diving back into vinyl, bought a music hall mm5.1. Looking for a nice phono stage to pair with...

Western North Carolina Audio Society

This could be an item. This could include the Asheville, Hendersonville, and the area within 50 m...