Tyler speakers for a Dynaudio fan?

I've owned at least a dozen pairs of Dyns over time - Audience monitors, Contour 1.1 and 3.0, Confidence 2, 3 and 4, and Sapphires (twice). I've always loved their sound, their craftsmanship, and their support. I listen to all kinds of music, but particularly rock, jazz, blues and vocalists. I've loved that the Dyns do all genres justice, and their higher end speakers manage to show you everything on a recording, while presenting it in it's best light on lesser recordings.

I'm currently in a tiny condo using the Xeo 3's, which are a lot of fun. I'm moving, though, to a much bigger space, and while the default of buying a higher-end Dyn for a larger space is likely where I'll end up, I've also been looking at the Tyler speakers. They seem to get great feedback, though many lines do with their advocates being vocal. But it sounds like they have many of the characteristics I love in the Dyns, and I like that they are good looking and you can choose from so many finishes. They appear to be very reasonably priced.

The new setting is going to be a ginormous LR/DR/Kitchen, with the LR/DR being about 15x30, with the kitchen open and adjacent. Wall-to-wall carpeting, with floor-to-ceiling windows down one of the long walls.

Interested to hear opinions on how Tyler speakers might appeal (or not) to a long-time Dyn fan, and which model(s) to consider for the space I'm describing.

Thanks in advance!
I love my tylers, they are open dynamic and lots of bass. Plus they play loud and clear, you will probably love them
I would call or email Ty. He is very helpful and friendly.

With that said, I used to have Dynaudio 220's and found that they did everything good except powerful classical music pieces. They just didn't have the necessary umph to make it sound believable. I replaced them with the Linbrook Signature system speakers. These have four 8" woofers and the bass goes low and is clean/tight. I'm very happy with them and have had them for 3 years now, which says a lot because I go through gear like crazy sometimes. My listening space is roughly the same size as yours, maybe a little smaller. I really love bass, so I also use a JL Audio Fathom F110 to play that last octave of bass that the Tyler's don't pick up. If you are not a bass fiend, you would be fine without a sub. Also check out the Woodmeres. I haven't heard them but they get awesome reviews and they are massive. I think there is a review here on audiogon for the woodmere's if you do a search.
I'd check out the Criterion or Solitaire line from T+A. It's like a cross between a Dynaudio Speaker and a Revel; slightly warm with amazing resolution.