Tyler Acoustics Speaker Stands

I know that a lot of members use Tyler Acoustics Speaker,
but what is your opinion of their Speakers Stands.Do they sound good to you.

Hi there. I have the Linbrook Signature Monitors and their matching stands. The stands can take approx 80Lb of sand/lead shot and are extremely well crafted. Personally I would use the stands that the manufacturer designs specifically for your model of speaker.

I am currently experimenting with lead shot and silicon sand. I can't tell you if one material sounds better than the other.

I have the Taylo Reference Monitors with the stands that are made to match them. They replaced a pair of B&W CDM1-NT speakers with heavy duty ($300) Target stands. The Taylos on the matching stands absolutely blew away the B&Ws. Absolutely no contest.

Interesting thing was that the Taylos sound much better on their matching stands (unfilled) than they do on the sand filled Target stands. Everything opened up when I placed them on Ty's stands. I don't know why this is exactly, but I suspect it has something to do with the top plate of the Target stands being much smaller than the speakers. Regardless, going with the stands is a no-brainer, imo. I can't imagine getting anywhere near the performance without spending significantly more money, but with the stands I doubt you'll even consider searching to replace them.
The stands are fantastic. Great finish, great looks, sturdy, and sound nice.
I have some custom made Tyler stands for Taylo Reference Monitors also, mine are made slightly lower height than stock and I removed rubber bumpers from stand and use three 7/16 brass capnuts (aka acorn nuts)under speakers, round capnut dome touches speaker bottom and will not cause visible dents.......stand is sand filled.
I like to say Thanks to All for your Help.