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Earplugs for concerts?
The Etymotic ER-20s work very well. 
Best Integrated w/ Phono-In under $350
The "go vintage" suggestions are good ones. I'd go with that.However, it you do want a newer integrated amp, I'd plan on not using the built in phono pre (if it even has one). You will have better luck using a separate phono pre at around the $100... 
The Hub: Is a Vinyl Revival in progress?
It seems clear that Fremer was not addressing the question you have posed here. The definitions of 'fad' and 'trend' you have adopted are nonstandard (and interesting!). Fremer, however, does not address the notion of how things will be fundamenta... 
Grateful Dead One from the Vault
The music is well-recorded, but the sound is a bit thin, imo. YMMV. 
Grateful Dead One from the Vault
Grateful Dead Records (London, England) did release this on vinyl. It is somewhat tough to find, but I have had a couple of copies. The vinyl is not heavyweight, and the sound did not blow me away. The music is killer of course.I have been looking... 
Do you spend more on audio than your income allows
I just recently sold my 20 year old Toyota Camry with 239,900 miles for $200. I should have listed it here!...yes, my car sucked, but my tunes are superb!... 
Any opinions on John McLaughlins last album?
The Downbeat review of this album gave it five stars. Only five new albums released in 2008 received this, the highest rating.YMMV. 
the dead on tour again. ---two questions:
It will be nice to see Jerry playing again.... 
recommend excellent cassette for playback only?
As mentioned, you should get another Nak, given the tapes have been recorded on a Nak. Lots of options there, as you know. 
Ann Arbor, Michigan Blues Music & Record Stores
Encore Records is excellent. Be careful, though, as it will eat up your entire afternoon if you let it. Best one for vinyl. All genres. It is down the street from Michigan Theatre and State Theatre. PJ's is also worth a look. Really nice guy. Much... 
Rega P5 with Dynavector 10x5....ready to buy ???
You will like this table. I have had my P5 for a few years now, upgraded from a P3. Very significant upgrade in all areas, even before adding the power supply upgrade. I have run it with both the Dyna 10x5 and a Benz ACE-M. The 10x5 is a great car... 
Could anyone or Tyler Acoustics describe D line?
I have been curious about this, too. Personally, I am not going to call Ty because I am not buying anytime soon and do not want to waste his time. It would be cool to hear from someone who has heard some of the older line and the new line. 
slow, funky, groovin' laid back music
This is absolutely perfect: "Dreams of Freedom: Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub", by Bill Laswell. Deep bass, mellow. Bonus: should be easy to find used and cheap! 
Record is noisier after cleaning:
Try vacuuming for more than one rotation after applying the fluid. You may be leaving behind some of the fluid that you have applied to the record surface. Let it go for three or four revolutions and see if this helps.This will likely introduce mo... 
Jazz Piano Trio / Spanish Guitar
Some really good suggestions here; but I can't resist the urge to include a few more. I really like Newbie's recommendations, and the jazz piano stuff Zachhanh mentions is great.1. Bill Evan's "Waltz for Debby" is essential.2. Still thinking about...