Speaker Stand Design?

Starting to think about wood speaker stands designs for my Harbeth M30's.

Some considerations: High or Low Mass (?), Wood density, Wood Joinery (rigidity)

Anyone use the Wayne Taylor (Low Mass) Speaker Stands http://www.austinhifi.com/waynetaylor.html

Those are metal, but I could build something very similar out of solid wood.

For High Mass I was initially thinking to work off the Mapleshade philosophy, thick solid wood base, with good solid anchoring to the top plate and speaker.

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
Here is a design that I will be making when I have my new listening chair. Your design philosophy is spot on, thicker wood and more weight = less vibration. Herbies Fat Dots under your monitors would also be a good idea.
Do a "DIY Speaker Stand" search and check out more designs.
I use several Spendor models which are similar to Harbeth. I had the Mapleshade Quadraspire wood stands but was not crazy about them; I had a pair of the low ones they now make and absolutely hated them. I have had good luck with Skylan and Sound Anchor; opposite in design philosophy but both sound good. Personally, I would use either MDF or metal but this is a very complicated topic: coupling vs isolation; floor type, room size and personal taste all have to be considered.
I would use low mass on carpeting and high mass on wood. That works for me with C7's. I now use Skylan's filled with kitty litter on hardwood floors and it blows away low mass. I can't get a glass of water to ripple sitting on the floor. Hope this helps.
Hi, Nodata, great speakers, I love mine! The four pillar Skylan are fantastic stands. The light weight Foundation stands don't suit the M30s as much as the other larger speakers in the Harbeth range. f your on the east east the 3 or 4 pillar Sound Anchors would be a good choice.
I would love to see your wooden made Wayne Taylor Speaker Stands!
For a lighter framed alternative I would myself get a pair of 20" Solidsteels SS-5s
Other interesting stand for the M30's are Sound Mechanics SX200 or SX500
Best is high mass, steel and lead filled, spiked on the top plate and bottom to anchor to the floor. I've used the latter with many different ProAc speakers. Great sound.

I agree with Bucerno.

The best monitors I've heard were always on those types of stands. Sound Anchor makes really good ones. I don't think they are steel and lead filled but not sure that is a must.

Stanwal, I am curious about your experience with Spendors on both Sound Anchor and Skylan stands. I have Sound Anchor stands with my SP100s, but I was wondering if the Skylan might give me a fuller low end. Could you describe what you noticed with the two types of stands?
I have S 100s with the Sound Anchor stands that RCS Audio use to have for them and the 4 pillar Skylan stands. I have replaced the spikes on both of them with Star Sound threaded Audio Points for which I use to be a dealer. The SA stands are the ones with 3 spikes and wider at the front than the back; may not be the ones you have. I THINK I like the Skylan better but it is not a large difference and depends to a large degree on what the speakers are resting on ; just on top of the stand or on Roller Bearings, Cones, Blutak, etc. I have some Synergistic Research MIGs on order and am going to set up the Spendors again when they get here; I currently have my Gamut L5 floorstanders set up. I really had no trouble getting all the bass I wanted from either stand; I have a pair of REL Stadium subs but was not using them most of the time. Most of the differences I heard were in the top end rather than the bass; I'll post more when I get them set up again; I have made several changes in my system since I had them set up last.
Cool, thanks for all the responses.

The Solidsteels SS-5s are nice looking stands! I just wonder if they're tall enough, I need something closer to 24".

I've started some sketches, and I'm liking the look of the tri-point design more than the traditional base stands. I'm really not interested in the Skyland style stands. I know they're frequently promoted with the Harbeth's, but I've read/heard mixed reviews, and besides, I think they're kinda fuggly.

I use my room as a project studio for mixing/mastering. It's carpeted, and treated traditionally with absorption up front, and diffusion in the rear.

Probably won't start building till March or so, but any other ideas you want to throw out there is much appreciated.

Hi Nodata, Solidsteel do make the SS-6 which are 24". I just happen to prefer the proportions (bigger top plate etc) of the SS-5s.
Also if you factor in spikes (or even castors?!) plus the possible future use of any isolation platforms ( Symposium Sveltes etc) between speaker + stand or stand + floor this would easily get you to 24" or higher.
My 24" Skylans are really 25" with spikes/glides but 22-23" would be ideal in my room. ( Harbeths sale brochure state 16"-21" which does seem a little low though)
please post a pic of the M30s with whatever stand you eventually get/make.
Taking a closer look at the technical drawing of those SS-5 stands, I noticed the 'de-coupling' bearings they use between the stand and the upper plate. Basically an inverted bearing setup on all six points.

Anyone applied this idea to DIY stands, or know where I would find such hardware? Most searches for ball bearing hardware yield radial and other enclosed type bearings, not the inverted, exposed tip design. THANKS!

- ND