Two experiments in acoustics for fun

For those of you who like to be scientists and experiment for yourselves, I offer up two very cool things to do and learn about the effects of your room.

First, this is relatively easy, listen to your speakers from 2-3' away. Pay particular attention to the midrange, and treble detail. Are you hearing space, openness and a bottomless source of sound? That is, do you hear notes trail off naturally and with an ease you normally don't?

The difference between close and far listening is your room acoustics.

Another cool experiment is to record a voice, or your own stereo in your living room. You could do this with just a phone, but it's best if you have one of the relatively inexpensive digital stereo recorders like from Teac.  Record it from around 8' or more away and then listen to the recording with headphones. You'll be amazed at how much your room acoustics will be present in the recording.

Anyway, I have no particular agenda, except to help my fellow music lovers develop their abilities and experience.

Please post anything you find.


Well i would like to say thank you for posting these experiments to give us some insight into room/speaker interactions.

Another interesting room acoustics experiment to try is place an empty beer bottle or two, randomly around the room and see how that affects the sound. Of course you might luck out and accidentally put the dead soldiers in places where they actually help the sound.
 I just treated my room with a full suite of goodies from GIK. Also re-oriented speaker and listening position per their recommendations. Glorious results initially.  Then things fell apart last night. Turned out it was a very large exercise ball that rolled to a different place in the room that completely change the soundstage.  It messed with the second reflection.