TV connection to Processor.

How should I connect my TV, sharp 1080p with HDMI to my pre/ processor which does not have HDMI connection but has digital, analogs, S-video. What will be the best connection?
The purpose is to listen through my left and right and the center speakers some programs or shows from the TV
Use a seperate HDMI switcher so you run the HDMI feed to the TV, this will allow you to listen to the integral speakers in the TV, then run a digital connection to your pre/pro.

This will give you both options for listening and the best picture possible.
will one end of the HDMI switcher have an HDMI end to it and the other RCA sockets to it. thank you
You do not need any switcher.

Run one or two HDMI cables from your sources presumably DVD and TV Tuner into the TV.

If you have a system remote with macros than program the remote to make the switchs for you, viola you are done.

The audio for surround is a seperate pathway, all you have to do is to switch to the appropriate HDMI input on the TV and route the audio the same way couldn't be simpiler.

I would use an HDMI switcher which will have any number of HDMI inputs and one or more outputs (you should only need one but..). This will send audio and video to your display, should you want to listen through it's speakers.

Sending a digital feed to the pre/pro will allow you to listen to 5.1/7.1/ whatever you use sound. All you would want to do is mute the TV to only have your surround system playing.

This is how I do it in my reference system, only I never use ther speakers in my display, it is a monitor only.

Until recently I too let the TV switch among inputs, but then I wanted to move the component rack to be a bit remote from the TV. With the HDMI switcher, only a single cable need run to the TV, thus the value of a switcher.

One HDMI ouput goes to the monitor, the second will go to a future projector. The monitor will be used for casual viewing, and is on a cart that can be rolled out of the way for front projection, thus the value of more than a single output.

I am sorry. I am a little confused.
As I said before I want the best connection from:
My TV 1080p which has HDMI to my PRE/PROCESSOR (5.1)which
does no have HDMI connector.
I want to listen through the left, right and center speakers
TV programs from regular bradcasts.For example is fascinating and enjoyable to see in HD the Planet Earth series and I would like to listen too its sound.
When I first got my HDTV, I used a CableCard and the built-in tuner on the TV. My TV, a Hitachi RP LC 55" display, has a Toslink digital audio output. I connected that output to a Toslink input on my pre/pro, and voila! I got full Dolby Digital input from the TV signal.

If your TV doesn't have a Toslink or RCA digital output, you can use the analog stereo output from the TV, plug it into your pre/pro, and then use an analog surround matrix program in your pre/pro (e.g., Dolby ProLogic or DTS Neo) to give you 5.1 channel.

Do you use a separate cable tuner box? I recently switched from direct-tune w/CableCard to a cable box. Its outputs include composite video, component video, HDMI, RCA and Toslink digital audio outputs, and 2-channel analog audio. I connect the cable box to the TV with an HDMI cable, and then I connect the cable box's RCA digital output to an RCA digital input on my pre/pro. Or I could just as easily use the Toslink.

In fact, I've also connected an analog stereo pair of interconnects from the cable box to my pre/pro because sometimes the stereo downmix from the cable broadcast is better than the Dolby Digital feed, and my pre/pro can make a better surround matrix from the 2-channel analog feed.

This is simple, if your processor doesn't have HDMI then you can not connect it period!

HDMI cares sound as well as picture, but for someone with a pre/pro so what. You will still have to route a digital cable from your source to the pre/pro anyway.

The only reason to have built in HDMI is so that the picture and sound switches easily for the neophyte.

All you have to do is pick up the TV remote and switch input and do the same with the pre/pro done!