Turntable question?

My question is regarding linear vs. swing arm style turntables. Any good linear style turntables? Suggestions on both (table, arm, & cartridge combos) style turntables. Saw quite a few linear types while stationed in Germany in late 70"s. I've owned a few tt"s over the years but never a linear style. We gave our last turntable to our inlaws quite a few years back when cd's came out. We have quite a collection of vinyl (glad we kept them) that we would like to start listening to again. We listen to rock, jazz, big band, classical, eclectic, just about everything but COUNTRY. Pre amp is Yamaha CX1000 digital, speakers are Legacy Focus bi-amped with two Yamaha MX1000 amps. We play our music quite loud at times...and love it. Bi- amping is passive vertical and will be going to active vertical with an electronic crossover some time soon. Would like to stay below $1500.
Want to add to above. I live in a rather small city in a small populus state. I asked our local "high end" stereo retailer for help with with an electronic crossover (wanting to go to active bi-amping) and he asked me, what's bi-amping? Consequently, I've gotten most of my info from this site. Signed, starting to upgrade my 13 year old system. Thanks for any info.
The ET 2 is very likely the most cost effective linear tracking arm. I have several friends that use it, and the one I've heard sounded great, spectacular, with an older Koetsu Urushi cartridge. That said, I have an AQ pivoted arm, and my dream arm is the Graham Model 2 (also pivoted).
I have used a Sansui SR-929 ever since they first came out. The isolation is exceptional, and the arm mates with my cartridge perfectly. (Last year I upgraded from a Grado G2+ to a Grado Platinum.) I have not yet heard a linear system that I cared for.
The linear toearm-tables of the 70's-80's had poor results. The later highend arms were were better, but usually had a bad effect on the turntable (which is the most important component of a system).Pivot type toearms work best, sound best, track best and have the least effect on the actual turntable.
At the price you are trying to stay within, the above comments about a swing type tone arm are correct. I would suggest a used Well Tempered, with it's own tonearm and perhaps a Benz Glider. There is no doubt that the linear tracking systems are better, PROVIDED they are designed WITH the turntable. Examples being the Walker, Rockport and Goldmund, among others. The problem is when linear is done right, like these examples, they are mega expensive.
I have used a linear tracking tonearm for about ten years. the souther sla-3.for sale at audioreview .com. the sound was better than any thing else I have ever heard more open and defined in every way---but it was aroyal pain in the aSS TO keep it adjusted - have fun and tweak away!
Thanks all for the responses. I am going with the pivoting style arm. Sounds like the the turntable of choice. Am bidding on one at this moment and hopefully will be listening to my vinyl collection some time soon. Thanks again.