Turntable lamp suggestions?

Looking for a functional lighting solution for my turntable. Something small and easily adjustable. I think I have seen some gooseneck types in the past. Suggestions and links would be appreciated.......

These can be had for as little as $60, have both red and white lite and look great....be sure you need the base so you dont waste extra money, I mounted mine with included tape to my rack frame.
They have one that has a red & white bulb in it that I just bought. I use the white for album changing & red for mood & equipment illumination. The longer neck, 18" I believe, works very well. Around $100. My wife loves the two color "thingy". They are very high quality. -John
I'm using a AA-battery powered LED gooseneck lamp that I bought at Harbor Freight Tools for about $25. It was marketed as a small workbench lamp for close work, but you can find the same thing at Lowes marketed as a BBQ grill lamp. What's nice besides being inexpensive, bright, and easy to aim, it has a hefty C-clamp base that will fit up to about 2-inch thick surface. Warning: this lamp will show up every speck of dust on your LP record that you though was clean!
Without doubt the Littlites are the best. I've been using them for various applications over the years. Not exactly cheap.

I use the model with the built-in rheostat for dimming. Suggestion, don't keep light on after use. I find that the halogen bulbs don't have a very long life.

As a previous responder pointed out, you will see dust and dirt that you only *thought* you cleaned away.


Here ya go...



Work fine, last a long time...as long as you don't leave em on constantly :)
I have had the littel lite for years....very good. I would look at the 12" because I do believe it has a higher wattage bulb...also could be found at Guitar Center if you have one near by.
The Littlite seems the way to go. It is the one I have seen before. They have so many models though, a bit confusing. Thanks for your responses.....
I picked up a goosneck lamp with an intregal base clamp for around 14.00 bucks at Home Depot and love it.
Thank you, Forrestc..........I bought the BBQ grill lamp at Lowe's. Nice, bright, focused LED lights, and the clamp -- gooseneck assembly fits perfectly on my Sanus rack.