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How did U get into this expensive hobby?
Well that would be in Germany in 77. My wife and I were walking through Fleigerhorst Kasserne (Army base) and we heard this really loud music coming from one of the windows of the barracks. This guy had put his JBL L100's (playing Led Zepplin II) ... 
Who R U?
My name is Aldo, I go by Skip. I'm 43 and have been married to a wonderful woman for 22yrs. We have no children ( as we elect not to) but do have two dogs and a cat. Was born in 57 and lived in N.J. until 65. In 65 we moved to the hot, humid, and ... 
Worst Music of All-Time
Hmmmm, Suckiest pots and pans, cat in heat, How about any of that goat roppin' C&W that makes you wanna grab a goat stick his head in the barbed wire fence and then have relations. Jeeesh, that music makes my skin craw. To be whatever sensitiv... 
Best MC Cartridge $300.00 or less
In that price range, the original 103S by Denon. You can still find them in original sealed condition. 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
Freddy Mercury from Queen. Excellent! Coreographer, stage presents, range of voice and enthusiasm projected. Enveloping a concert within his creativte grasp and then... BAM! making you part of it. It don't get any better than that. Anyone missing ... 
Dedicated line
Johnmhuntbch, What did you do at Ga. Power. I myself was at FP&L. for 15 years. Would like to hear from you. Thanks, Skip. 
Your first stereo system
Wow, That would be in Germany in 1978... still remembering. A Sansui G-9000 receiver, Technics SL-1400MK2 turntable mounted with a Shure V-15 type III cartridge, and a pair of really loud Bose 901 series III speakers. Yes, not scared to admit that... 
2 channel high end disscussion
Avguygeorge, Right on! 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
Oh, by the way... this thread asked for opinions. Connick Jr. was MY opinion, so it surely does belong in this thread. Again, that's just my opinion. Was that repetitive? 
Has anyone found Audio Nirvana?
Not yet, but getting closer. My equipment... a frosty beverage and my Legacy Focus. 
Original CD vs Remaster vs Gold Disc
Megasam, Yes I like the gold CD's better than the standard recordings. Most of the gold CD's are recorded off the original master recordings. Try the CBS mastersound CD's also, they're superior when compared to the standard recorded CD. I also lik... 
Best female vocals on CD
I see after going through this thread that Garfish has mentioned Aretha earlier. Her song Freeway of Love is awesome, has a fine sax solo with Clarence Clemons. 
Best female vocals on CD
Hey, has anyone mentioned Aretha Franklin? She gives me goose bumps. That's a good thing, if someones sound can do that for you. 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
Thanks Garfish, I do enjoy Connick Jr. and will continue to, even if I was the only one who thinks he can sing. That's what living in the good ole' U. S. of A. is all about. Hey, one of the reasons I love this site are the opinions and responses. ... 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
Ouch! Actually I think Connick Jr. sings more in a jazz style. But no doubt the voice sounds like an immitation of Sinatra. Maybe that's why I like his voice.