Turntable mat for Rega Planar 25

Hello all,
Looking for recommendations for a mat for my Planar 25. I bought the table used and it didn't come with a mat, so I've been using a generic felt mat that I had laying around. I've heard the none felt and Herbies work well. Any other suggestions? Trying to stay under $80 or so. It needs to be compatible with the Michell record clamp as well.
Thanks for the help
I had a P25 and used the Way Excellent Mat by Herbies Audio to good effect.
I have two P9s - each has a Herbies mat. A Way Excellent II on one and a Grungebuster on the other. Of the two I prefer the Grungebuster, which seems to minimize static electric charges on the record - - but according to Herbie's blurb, the Grungebuster was specially designed for ceramic platters like those on the P9.
Herbie's Way Excellent II ........
And, why are you using a clamp ? The Rega guys always stress that their tables are designed to work optimally without a clamp.
I have a Rega p5 and it sounds better with a record weight than without, don't know about a clamp