looking to upgrade rega planar 2

I have an old rega 2 with glass platter. should I get a different platter and do you know of any good specialists that sell platters or other rega upgrades. thanks.
That glass platter is not the weakest link in a Planar 2. I would upgrade the arm, instead; improving the wiring (Incognito) and the counterweight (Origin live)both produce audible improvements. When you're ready to improve on the tt itself, it's time to buy a better tt. at that point, you can still use the upgraded arm. upgrades to the platter, motor, footers, that plastic pulley under the platter, is money down the drain.
Agree with Lloydc that the weak point of any lower-end Rega is the arm wiring and counterweight. Absolutely concur that you should do them first.

OTOH I don't think that footers or running the motor from an iso transformer are invariably a waste of money. If your TT is not on a stable base, especially a wall shelf, or if your electrical supply is poor quality, they may be useful.

I think that Lloydc is quite right, though, in pointing to a turntable upgrade as the most desirable way to spend money after the arm.