Tubed Phono Preamp - Too many Choices!

I am researching tubed phono preamp for possible purchase and have several models available. They are the Manley Steelhead which has been around for eons, the Zesto Andros Deluxe which is a fairly new design and possibly the BAT VK-P12SE which is a chunk more $$. They will be matched with a medium output MC cartridge looking for loading in the 500Ω-1000Ω range. It will be feeding a preamp that can take take balanced as well as the single ended output of the Manley. Household music selection is pretty eclectic and runs the gambit. I am seeking opinions/comments/relative merits from anyone that has compared, owned or auditioned any of these three units. Thank you!
Why spend that kind of money when the Herron VTPH-2A is so much better for so much less?
I owned a Precision Fidelity C7 (designed by Bruce Moore of Paragon and MFA). Wish I hadn't sold it! Bought it new from American Audiophile NYC back in '78. Cost $600. Superb SQ! Competitive with today's units costing multi-kilobucks! If you can find one, grab it!